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I love writing and have been writing since I was a child. I’m the author of 15 non-fiction and fiction books, and now I’m writing four more books.

My products are designed in mind for today’s busy Christian speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, wives and moms.

You are…
…a woman of prayer and passion. You love Jesus, your family and friends, and your work and ministry.

You have BIG dreams in your heart. You want to use your gifts for God, doing what you love. 

A boring, mediocre life is NOT for you. You want to have fun and live an exciting adventure!

You desire to be a woman of influence to impact others’ lives, leaving a godly legacy for your children and grandchildren. To inspire and encourage others, give them hope, make them smile and laugh–and most of all, to always point them to Jesus.

If this describes you, then you’re in the right place! Below are my resources to help you do just that.

I am an International Speaker and an Amazon Best Seller Author. Just click below on the title of the book or product you want to learn more about or to buy it now.

You can find out more or buy the books I’ve written at my Amazon Author Page by clicking here. I’d appreciate it so much if you would leave a review at Amazon after you’ve read it, because a good review give authors build more credibility and authority and help them to sell more books. My GoodReads Author page is here.

Metamorphosis: Transformed From Fear to Faith Amazon Best Seller eBook
You can be set free from fear! Fear cripples you and keeps you bound. Fear stops you from achieving your purpose and calling. In this empowering book, speaker and author Beth Jones shares her story and others' stories of how to conquer the enemy of fear through faith in Jesus Christ. Through the life-changing truths of God's word and practical steps that Beth shares, you can be set free from fear. God wants to transform you from being a person of fear to one of faith in Christ, just like the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. It's time for you to fly, beautiful butterfly.
How To Write Your Book Fast: Making Your Writing Dreams Come True - Amazon Best Seller eBook
Do you want to write a book? Have you always dreamed of being an author? Do procrastination, perfectionism, and other pitfalls stop you from writing--or finishing--your book? Learn how to get out of your own way and get it done with this practical, how-to writing tips guide by an Amazon Best Seller Author of 13 books. Discover what you need to know about getting started, actually writing your book, outsourcing the frustrating "techie" aspects like editing, formatting, and designing the front cover, and much more. This is the year to write your book. Now is the time to make your writing dreams come true!
Afflicted: A woman missionary kidnapped by terrorists in Africa - Amazon Best Seller (fiction) eBook
After Rachel almost died in a hurricane in Destin, Florida, when she went to the beach to get away from everyone and everything to think and pray about her troubled marriage and her life, her marriage began healing. While on a church mission trip together in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa, they are kidnapped by Muslim terrorists, she and Jackson face losing each other all over again--forever. Separated from their two daughters, family and friends who don't know what is happening to them in the jungles of Africa or if they're even still alive, Jackson and Rachel only have their faith in Jesus and their love for each other to keep up their hopes of rescue and to stay strong through this harrowing trial. Why didn't God answer their prayers? Had He forgotten them? If everything and everyone she loves is violently taken away from Rachel, what remains for her?
The Cinderella Story: The Power of Dreams - Amazon Best Seller eBook
Cinderella knew she was made for much more than sweeping floors. She had a big dream in her heart, and she took action to get it. What do you do when you're having a hard time achieving your dreams and goals, or if your dream seems to die? Also learn to walk in the other characters' "shoes" in this beloved fairy tale: the wicked stepmother's, the jealous stepsister's, the fairy godmother's. Perspective changes everything. And dare to walk in, and even dance in, your own unique "glass slippers"--your unique purpose and calling. Amazon 5-Star Reviews.
Stained Glass & Marriage: Reflections of Light & Hope by an Imperfect Wife - Amazon Best Seller eBook
When money is tight and trust is broken, there is still hope with Christ. If you feel like your marriage is over, Beth Jones shares from her 24 year hellish marriage experiences to encourage you to not give up. Nothing is impossible with God.
Storm Tossed - Amazon Best Seller (fiction) eBook
Beth Jones' first fiction book! When Rachel travels to the ocean in Destin, Florida, to get away from everyone and everything to think about her life--her troubled marriage to Jackson, their unhappy daughter Faith, the strained relationship with her stepdaughter Autumn, and Rachel's chaotic writing career--she was seeking answers. She doesn't know know about the dangerous hurricane that is brewing. Her faith is severely tested. Will her her beach house stand? She faces the storm inside of her as well. This fiction eBook became an Amazon Best Seller in its category and sub-category the first day. Amazon 5-Star Reviews.
The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes - Amazon Best Seller eBook
We all want to feel like the most beautiful girl in the room, to be chosen and loved forever. The Cinderella story gives us hope of our impossible dreams becoming true. She knew there had to be more to life than sweeping floors and cleaning! Instinct told her that she was created for much, much more. You were never meant for mediocrity. You weren't created to fit in with others in the crowd, but to stand apart as a woman of influence and impact. Now is the time to walk in your own unique "glass slippers" - your God-designed purpose and calling. This eBook became an Amazon Best Seller in its category and sub-categories the FIRST day. Amazon 5-Star Reviews.
Promises In The Dark: One Woman's Search for Authentic Love -Beth's memoir - Amazon Best Seller Book & eBook
Sex. Success. Money. Alcohol. Drugs. Education. Entertainment. Being the best spouse or parent. The world promises you happiness, but leaves you empty and many times with regrets. Maybe like me, you've been searching. for love in all the wrong places. Nothing or no one can fill that black hole inside of you or has given you what you're so desperately looking for. But there is One you can count on and who will satisfy you: God. His promises are for real and forever. Available in both print and as an eBook, this is Beth's powerful memoir. This became an Amazon Best Seller in its category and sub-categories.
Showers of Blessings: Affirmations for Christian Women Entrepreneurs - Amazon Best Seller eBook
Do you want to have God's blessings in your life and business? Would you like to experience the abundant life Jesus promised? Do you want to become so blessed and favored by God that you become a blessing to others? Money is not bad or wrong but is a tool in this world. Learn what God has to say about money and wealth from the Bible and secrets from successful Christian women entrepreneurs--and what not to do, from mistakes they made. If you are feeling hopeless, discouraged, and like a hostage to your bills and debts, like you've stopped living or never started, not to mention being broke and stressed, then I have a solution for you: this eBook. Walk in God's blessings and favor, and in your great purpose and destiny.
The Call of Wisdom: Teaching Our Children at Home - Amazon Best Seller homeschooling eBook
Are you thinking about homeschooling or do you need help along the way? When Beth Jones' daughter Heather was in her 10th grade year, God spoke to her heart to begin homeschooling her. Beth was so scared. She didn't know anyone who did this. But with the word of the Lord and her husband Ray's full support, Beth obeyed. What an exciting - and yes, sometimes challenging - journey it has been! Homeschooling Heather and her sister Leah has given Beth some of her most precious memories. Join Beth on their family's homeschooling adventure for encouragement and support that with God's help, you can do this, too. Covers the foundation of prayer, learning styles, Charlotte Mason's methods, marriage and homeschooling, budgeting for curriculum, and more.
Bahama Mama: When God Uses Ordinary Women For His Extraordinary Purposes - Amazon Best Seller eBook
You don’t have to have lots of money, you don’t have to be famous, and you don’t need to be perfect to be used by God in a powerful way! This eBook was birthed out of Beth's cruise to the Bahamas to speak at Tony Robinson's Women of Destiny conference. The Bahamas were breathtakingly beautiful and God taught Beth many insightful things while she was there about God using ordinary women in extraordinary ways for His glory. You'll be so inspired! This eBook includes video links and pictures of the exotic Bahamas. This is a FUN, intriguing eBook~ you will love it!
The Hands Of A Woman: Everyday Women In Everyday Battles - Amazon Best Seller eBook
Whether you realize it or not, you"re surrounded by spiritual warfare every day, As a Christian woman, do you feel overwhelmed? Are you going through a crisis? Do you feel like every day is a battle zone? This book has 8 women's true, inspiring stories of how they overcame their greatest spiritual battles in the "War Room" of prayer by faith in Christ and standing on God's eternal word. No matter what battle you're in right now, you can have victory, too. You also get a free BONUS study guide for a Bible study, discussion group, or book club with the purchase of this book or eBook: just email Beth Jones at beth@bethjones,net with your Amazon receipt,
Walking With God - Amazon Best Seller eBook
With six bite-sized chapters for your busy schedule, this eBook on prayer is petite and powerful. It will give you the tools you need to pull away alone with God and be refilled and refreshed, and will give you answers to questions you’ve been asking about God and prayer. Questions like, What is prayer? Why doesn't God answer my prayers? How do you pray and fast? Does God still heal and do miracles today?
Born 2 Be Different - Amazon Best Seller Book
Born 2 Be Different - Amazon Best Seller Book
14 women's empowering stories of how they overcame the odds of the world to make a kingdom impact. International Speaker/Author Beth Jones is one of the contributing authors to this amazing book by LaToya Gay. We've all been through hurts and disappointment in life. But these tests help us to grow and and accept that we were called to stand out, be unique, and make a difference in this world. You are beautiful. No one is like you. You were created to stand apart. Beth was one of the contributing authors for this book of women's powerful stories. Amazon Best Seller in its category and sub-categories print book.
3 P's In A Pod: Prayer, Purpose, & Passion Amazon eBook
This ebook covers everything from Beth Jones' first webinar, 3 P's In A Pod: Prayer, Purpose, Passion, in a downloadable PDF. Beth encourages you to draw closer to God, to discover what your life's purpose is, and to pursue your passion. One attendee of the webinar described the content as "incredible." You'll be inspired to dream big, chase those dreams, and fulfill them to the fullest.


The Master's Hands Webinar with Beth Jones & Rochelle a.k.a.
The Master's Hands Webinar with Beth Jones & Rochelle a.k.a. "Shelley" Valasek
Join Beth with her guest speaker Rochelle Valasek as she shares a powerful message on God the Potter and His children the clay. Learn fascinating facts about pottery and be inspired to become pliable clay in the Potter's hands, a vessel of honor for God's use. This teaching is "meat," over 1 1/2 hours long. An amazing, anointed webinar you do NOT want to miss!
7-audio, quiet time devotional audio set with Beth Jones
You're a busy wife and mom. You want to pray. You NEED to pray! But how do you fit it into your hectic, crazy schedule between hubby, your kids, cooking, cleaning, work, and ministry - not to mention sleep and girlfriend time fun? Beth's quiet time devotional, 7-audio bundle is just the answer for you. You get 7 downloadable mp3 audio recordings (most are 25 to 30 minutes long). These teachings take each chapter of Beth's book on prayer, Walking With God, going deeper into intentionally creating a strong devotional life, including daily Bible reading and study, worship, prayer, fasting, and spiritual warfare.
Custom Designed by God Necklace
Beautiful, unique Divine Design by Jennifer Whiddon Designs. Sterling silver necklace, hand-stamped with "Custom Designed by God." on circle. 18" chain (you can request 16" or 20" at no extra cost. 22" or 24" is $6 extra). Features stick woman graphic in center, representing you, a woman of God created for a UNIQUE, great purpose! Comes with pink pouch for storing. If you want a different length chain than 18", please go to this page and select the length on the drop down menu:

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