Speaking event and Book Signing in Kansas: The Gift of Words

Do you ever struggle with your thought life or the words coming out of your mouth? I know I do! In fact, I believe that Joyce Meyer may have written her book, Me and My Big Mouth, just for me!

For my entire life, I’ve battled speaking impatiently, in anger, thoughtlessly, or too bluntly. My wise husband Ray says it’s not necessarily what I’m saying (because I speak truthfully and honestly), but that it’s the way I say it, how I often come across to others. His title of endearment for me is La belle dame sans merci. (The beautiful lady without mercy)

My precious sister Maria, who drips with the gift of mercy, calls it my “bull in the china shop approach!”

I’m working on it! 

As a professional, Christian speaker and author, I’m well aware of the power of words.

The American adage that children often recite in response to bullying in school, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is simply not true. Words can hurt deeply. Words can also heal and impart life.

God created the world and everything in it with His words. (Genesis Chapter 1) In fact, Jesus Himself is called “The Word” in John 1:1. 

Because God created everything with His  words, and we are made in His image, the words of our mouths are powerful, too. In fact, each word is a gift. This is especially true for speakers and writers!

I’m going to be speaking on this topic at a Christian Women’s Writers’ Workshop, The Gift of Words, in Hutchinson, Kansas, with my friend, author Missy Hoffman, on September 21, 2019.

The workshop will be 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Hutchinson Public Library. 

The address is 901 N. Main Street, Hutchinson, Kansas, 67501.

Missy and I would LOVE to see you there! Admission is free, but seating is limited. If you’re interested in coming, please email Missy at missy@missyhoffman.com or contact her here on the Facebook event page to save your spot. 

Missy is a self-published author of three books, and she will also share about her own writing journey. Our hope is to encourage Christian women to share the story God has given each one of us and to help each woman experience healing through her own writing journey!

We will meet in the Library Conference Room #1.

The book signing for both of us to sign our books is that same day, September 21, at Metropolitan Coffee shop from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Join us for some delicious coffee and fellowship!

The address for Metropolitan Coffee Shop is 1329 E 17th Ave, Hutchinson, Kansas, 67501. (There is no charge for the book signing! Our books will be available to sign and/or for sale!)

We can wait to see you there! Remember, each word you speak is a gift from God and for God’s glory! Your story matters.


Don’t stop dreaming and my Kindle book on Ireland!

Our beautiful daughter Leah at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

When I realized this week how long it’d been since I blogged here at BethJones.net, I felt dismayed. I could give you a million excuses for why, but it boils down to the usual: I’ve been busy. Everyone is, though, right?

But here’s what has been happening in my life recently:

  • I went on a week-long trip to Ireland with our daughter Leah in September 2018;
  • I started a new part-time Administrative Assistant job in October 2018. I’m no longer there as of this week, as my season there has ended and God has new things for me to do now;
  • I flew to Georgia to visit my sister Maria and her family and to Florida to spend time with my friends Kim, Pat, and their kids at Christmas 2018;
  • Through a friend’s influence, I spoke and gave my testimony at a church;
  • I went back to Florida this year in the spring for several days, to visit Kim and her family and to enjoy a much-needed beach marathon (the ocean is my place of peace and refilling);
  • I wrote a Kindle eBook about Leah’s and my trip to Ireland with beautiful pics, which is now live on Amazon. You can get it here;
  • Right now I’m working on writing my first children’s book about Leah’s and my cats, Jax and Natalya! This is unfamiliar territory for me. For years Ray and Leah have been encouraging me to write a children’s book. I kept saying I didn’t know how, but now I finally am! As writers, we need to stretch and push ourselves, to hone our craft. We’ll see how it goes! I’m asking Leah, who is now taking college graphic design courses, to design the front cover. I pray she does; she’s an amazing artist! I’m excited about this new venture.

I’ve also been going through more intense spiritual warfare the last several years. Satan never seems to stop. Please say a prayer for me and my family. Christ has the victory, amen!

One thing I want to encourage you to do: Don’t stop dreaming!

God can make your biggest, most impossible dreams come true, as Leah and I are living proof from our trip to Ireland!

Let me know if you need prayer, too. I’ll be happy to pray for you! God is a mighty, prayer-answering God!

I’ll try to be more consistent blogging now! Let me know what topics interest YOU!


Get my newest Kindle eBook at Amazon, with beautiful pics of the “Emerald Isle” Ireland. It’s about my and Leah’s exciting adventures, traveling there in 2018. 

Ireland, Soft Rains. Your big dreams CAN come true!

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Forever Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a big day in the lives of Americans and in 2019, shoppers will add a $20.7 billion to the economy. Younger people spend more than older people, and men spend nearly twice as many as women. The top 5 gifts are candy, greeting cards, an evening out, flowers, and jewelry. Millennials have more pets than any other age group and love to splurge on their pets at holidays, with ages 25 to 34 expected to spend $12.70 each.

The Cat Ball
The Cat Ball
Resource: https://www.thecatball.com/products/cat-ball-modern-cat-bed-in-capri-blue-and-deep-pink-paw-prints-fabric

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas. I love hearts, love the powerful color red, and love the cute decorations and cute Valentine gifts I buy our kids and grandkids.

One decoration I bought myself was a Snoopy holding a pink heart, which reads, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Snoopy is so cute and funny–and he’s a writer!

Valentine’s Day Snoopy


decorations for home
Valentine’s Day decorations for home

I also love chocolate, and the day is a perfect excuse to bake brownies for our family so I can have some and today I made some for work, too, and some chocolate drizzled popcorn!

Brownies & cute table decorations for my family
Brownies & cute table decorations for my family


Chocolate-drizzled popcorn for work
Chocolate-drizzled popcorn for work
Decorative hearts on my window at work
Beautiful girls! Our granddaughters Violet and Annabelle and their friend Kelsey in their Valentine's Day beanies I bought them. So cute!
Beautiful girls! Our granddaughters Violet and Annabelle
and their friend Kelsey in their Valentine’s Day beanies I bought them. So cute!

For some people, Valentine’s Day isn’t a happy day due to death of their loved one, separation or divorce, being single and alone, or being sick or injured in the hospital or at home. One kind thing you can do for someone who’s single and/or feels lonely or is hurting in some way is to buy them a gift, take them out to eat, or to do something special for them on Valentine’s Day.

One example of this is that our daughter Leah’s boss and his wife bought her a huge, adorable, soft, pink dog and two boxes of chocolates for Valentine’s Day last night at work. This was SO thoughtful and made her so happy–love it! What a great, generous thing to do! 

Today think of someone who you can bless with Jesus’ love.

Huge, soft, adorable dog that
our daughter Leah’s boss and his wife
bought her for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day reminds me of God’s love for you and me, how He gave His only son Jesus and Jesus died to save us from our sins and so we could live forever with God in Heaven. You and I are Jesus’ Forever Valentine.

Valentine's Day heart
Valentine’s Day heart
Image source: Google

Today as you spend Valentine’s Day with your family and friends, remember that God loves you so much! Jesus paid the price for your life with His precious blood. Reflect on that kind of amazing love.

Have a happy, blessed Valentine’s Day!

“But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ— by grace you have been saved.”–Ephesians 2:4-5

Me with sterling silver, hearts necklace Ray gave me today