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Dressed up with somewhere to go!

Beth Jones International Speaker/Author

Beth Jones
International Speaker/Author

You may notice my website is different today! One of my sweet clients has been looking for a theme for her new WordPress website, and one of the ones she showed me was the Beautiful Studio Press theme. I liked (loved) it so much that I decided I wanted it for my own! (She had already chosen another one for her site!)

You can see I have a new spring-like, pretty daisy header. 🙂

The 3 most recent blogs will be at the top of the home, page, underneath International Speaker. You can also find more blog posts if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the home page.

If you’re not already on my personal mailing list, be sure to sign up today with your name and email address for your free gifts.

You can follow me online; the social media icons are at the top of the page on the right sidebar.

I’ve added a couple of new features for you, such as my Instagram pics on the right sidebar. I’m just dipping my little toe in the water right now with Instagram and have a lot to learn, but you can follow me there.

Also, my other websites are listed at the bottom of the home page on the left side. I’m still tweaking things. 🙂

How do you like this theme? I think it is truly beautiful! I think the navigation is easier, too!

Leave your comments below.

Saturday. Image Resource: Pinterest
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My new Adelle Theme

Saturday. Image Resource: Pinterest

Saturday. Image Resource: Pinterest

This week has been something and TGIS! Whoo hoo, it’s the weekend, baby! Haha.

ALL WEEK I had techy and website problems. First, I found out that my Genesis Studio Press theme (the green one) wasn’t compatible with the new WordPress updates. I’ve been wanting to change themes anyway for several months now, but I didn’t have time for this because I was preparing to speak on Sophenia Wade’s Love Alive International Blog Talk Radio Show. if you missed the live show, here is the replay link.

I spoke on No Ordinary God, sharing part of my testimony. Who had time to shop for a new theme?

For those who don’t know, a theme is like your website’s “clothing” – its appearance of colors, fonts, graphic images, etc. Just like going to Kohl’s, it takes time to find something you like!

After I googled themes, I installed a new WordPress floral theme that I loved, Fiore. But then I discovered when looking at it on my Iphone that it didn’t look the same as it did on my laptop, and the menu was not working.

When I asked about this (after midnight!) on Facebook, a fellow night owler friend, Bill Bedsaul, said after looking at it that apparently it wasn’t a “responsive” theme. A what? I’d never heard of this before. Learn something new every day ~ and I usually learn it the hard way.

A responsive theme, according to WordPress, “automatically adapts its layout and formatting to suit the screen size and device being used to view it. This means a website using a responsive theme will display nicely and work properly for all desktop browsers, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.”

My theme was NOT displaying nicely or working properly on my Iphone or our daughter Leah’s. Back to the drawing board!

Last night laying in bed with Ray, I petulantly said, “I don’t WANT to look for a new theme! I like my Fiore theme!” Ray, who is used to me obsessing over things and talking about them to him non-stop – even when he doesn’t want to listen (especially at 1 a.m. the night before he has to get up at 5:30 a.m. to go to work the next day – sleepily reassured me that I’d find another theme that “was suitable.” When I whined I didn’t want just a suitable one, but one I LOVE, he said he was sure there was “one out there somewhere.”

This morning I found this pretty responsive WordPress theme called Adelle. The name immediately drew me in, because I love the anointed singer Adele. Especially this song. Or Turning Tables Live at The Royal Albert Hall.

The Adelle theme is made by BluChic and I love their logo: The chic theme for women-owned businesses.

You can find the latest blog posts on the right sidebar entitled, Read This Week’s Blog Posts. I’ve been trying to add my blog to the headings at the top on the main menu for easier access for you, but may have to outsource that.

I may have a new header designed later and will be tweaking some things to help make the navigation easier for you. If you have any questions, email me at

Of course, the main thing is that this website is dedicated to God’s purposes and that He is pleased with it and that I offer you valuable, helpful content to equip you to use your gifts for God, fulfilling your great purpose and seeing your BIG DREAMS come true!

Meanwhile, what do you think? How does the theme look on your smart phone or Ipad?

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When things go wonky: website changes this week!

Earlier this week I discovered that my website theme’s update wasn’t compatible with WordPress. Compare it to Ray and me wanting to see two different kinds of movies ~ him wanting to see massive explosions, machine guns, and bloody marines in an enemy war zone and me wanting to see a tear-jerking-drama-love story, oozing with romance. The. Two. Just. Do. Not. Mix.

My wonky website

After I updated the theme, my website looked wonky. It wasn’t anything I did. These things just happen sometimes with website themes and WordPress updates. The theme creators then have to go back to the drawing board to make sure their themes’ updates stay compatible with WordPress, which also has frequent updates.

I contacted everyone “technical” I personally knew for help. This was out of the area of expertise for one person, and two had been sick all week. I felt so bad they were sick (because I’ve been sick recently, too), but I am often like a racehorse chompin’ at the bit, raring to get out of the starting gate….i.e., I don’t have any patience!

Nor am I tech-savvy. Actually, technology and I have a love-hate relationship. I love its benefits, but hate how it tears up sometimes and gives me hissy fits…especially when I am working on a major project. If you don’t know what a hissy fit is, that is a southern term for a major meltdown. 

When I could take it no more…

Toward the end of this week, I decided to go ahead and activate another theme on my site, like one of the tech people I’d talked to had advised me to do, to see if that would resolve the problem with the “wonkiness.”  Yes, that was the issue!  My theme’s update was NOT compatible with WordPress. Mystery solved!

Naturally, the new theme changed the look of my website, so I spent all day Thursday working on the sidebar (look on the right side of my website). I know, it shouldn’t take me all day. But this is me and technology, remember?

Then the header – what is at the top of the website. This is still under construction, but I have a temporary header with a pic of me when I spoke in Canada at Doreen Penner’s women’s conference. The header shows the new tagline, Speaker, Author, CoachI am planning to keep the pic of me speaking on my header, but use my cartoon graphic header for my blog. 

The point of this blog post

I wish I could say that I handle stresses in life like this maturely. But then I’d be lying out of my teeth. You know the expression. When mama ain’t happy ain’t NOBODY happy. When I’m not happy, Ray, Leah and the rest of my family run for cover! Haha. Just joking – sort of!

White Men Can’t Jump – The Glass of Water Illustration

Actually, Ray TRIES to run for cover. But I TRAP him in the bedroom and force him to listen to hours of me ranting, whining,  and contemplating the messes in my life. Ray still doesn’t understand that when I do this, I don’t necessarily want him to fix the Gloria explains to Billy in the movie White Men Can’t Jump. I just want Ray to listen to me.

Gloria:  “Yes. I read it in a magazine. See, if I’m thirsty, I don’t want a glass of water. I want you to sympathize. I want you to say, ‘Gloria, I too know what it feels like to be thirsty. I too have had a dry mouth.’ I want you to connect with me through sharing and understanding the concept of dry mouthedness.”

Anyway, I digress. The point of this blog post is that the website has changed. The header is changing. I will be tweaking pages, posts,and  pics in the weeks ahead because the new theme has affected the way things look on my site. My plan is to finish my Canada blog series this weekend and to share other exciting things with you coming up soon, so stay tuned!

I appreciate your patience during the “reconstruction.”  I love and appreciate you!

Thanks for being understanding. I know you too, like Gloria, sometimes “have a dry mouth” – or at least techy issues. 🙂 

Share in the comments below how you handle stresses like “techy stuff.” What’s your number one tip for overcoming?