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Ray is Superman hero

(Cake topper for Ray’s cake one year)

My husband Ray is either Superman coming  to my rescue, or else he simply wanted to avoid me having a major meltdown because of my laptop needing replacing.

Until I can buy a new laptop, I am using a combination of my smart phone, our daughter Leah‘s computer, and our old DINOSAUR computer to do my work.

Last night Ray created a temporary solution so I don’t take Leah’s computer hostage for the next couple of weeks: he got the dinosaur computer running again and attached a keyboard.

I’m thankful but this is a great test of patience, since the dinosaur computer and its keyboard are very S-L-O-O-O-O-W.  It makes me want to SCREAM! How am I ever going to get through the next couple of weeks until I can buy a new one?!!

But as Ray reminded me last night in bed, a true business person uses the resources available to him or her (and a mature one doesn’t whine or rant).

And Thanksgiving reminds me: BE THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE…even the dinosaur computer! Especially for God, family, friends, health, and all the blessings God has given me!

I’m going to ATTEMPT to continue with my blog series on my Canada trip. If this proves to be too patience-testing because of the dinosaur computer’s slowness, then I’ll pick it back up again after I buy the new laptop (which will be my early Christmas gift from Ray, by the way!).

What about you? Have you experienced laptop or computer problems? What did you do until it was fixed or you bought a new one?


Meanwhile, I want to tell you how thankful I am for you. I couldn’t do what I do without God, my family, and you, and my heart just overflows with gratitude for your love, support, and encouragement. My prayer is that you will have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends.

What are some special ways you are celebrating the day?

“Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving.” – Colossians 4:2, NAS

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My laptop is toast!

Beth Jones

When I came back from my Canada trip, my laptop wasn’t working. I took it to the Best Buy geek squad (where I bought it), and I’m going to need a new one. It would actually be cheaper to buy a brand new one than to pay for the labor and the part to fix my laptop. It may be several weeks before I can buy a new one.

For now, my blog series on the Canada trip is being put on hold, as well as my two ebooks that I’d planned to finish this month! I plan to continue the Canada trip blog series when I get another laptop. It seems God often is teaching me patience and that HIS timing is different from my own!

I am typing this post on our daughter Leah’s computer and because I don’t want to hold her computer hostage for long periods of time, I won’t be able to blog consistently until I’m able to buy the new laptop. Please don’t feel I am neglecting you or just being a lazy blogger! 🙂 I do hope you understand.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your loved ones. We celebrated ours early this Sunday. Ray, Heather and Eden all have different work schedules, so we had to find a day where everyone was off work the same day. We combined it with Leah’s 18th birthday. I can’t believe our youngest child is EIGHTEEN!!! After we ate, we went to Cherry Berry yogurt place for her special treat.

As you sit and enjoy the Thanksgiving feast this holiday, remember all of God’s goodness to you…and pray for others’ needs, helping them practically as you can.

I will let you know when I get the new laptop and will post here as I can!

“Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.” – Thomas Goodwin

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50% off Sale on all products and services for my 50th milestone birthday!

Me in my office this week

Here in Missouri, we feel the first kiss of autumn. I am lovin’ the cooler weather at times, after the frequent 100+ temps this summer and after one of Missouri’s worst droughts. The change in season is a welcome balm.

There are different seasons in our lives, too. On Thursday of this week, I had my milestone 50th birthday. I wasn’t exactly going to advertise my age, but two of my friends felt compelled to announce my age to the world on Facebook when they wished me happy birthday, LOL, so I guess it’s not news now!  At least they said I was lookin’ good, which made me feel a little better. 🙂

Ray encouraged me when he gave me a card and wrote in it that 50 is the Hebrew jubillee year of the Lord, the year all debts and faults are cancelled. I receive that! Some of my friends have told me it just gets better from here, and these are going to be some of the best days of my life. I receive that, too!

Fifty sounds “old,” but I don’t feel old and I have always believed that age is more of a state of mind. Some of the youngest, happiest, most alive  people I know are women who are senior citizens, who frequently laugh, have fun, and have a child-like spirit. They love their lives. I intend to be like that, too, and to NEVER grow “old” in mind and spirit! I believe that my best days are ahead!

“The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former,’ says the LORD of hosts, ‘and in this place I will give peace,’ declares the LORD of hosts.”  – Haggai 2:29

In honor of my 50th birthday, I am giving a 50% discount on everything in my estore. Just email me at and tell me which product you want with your email address. I will send you a Paypal invoice with the 50% off price, then send you the link for the info product after your purchase. I have 3 books and a 7-audio bundle set just for you to choose from, that will bless you!

This 50% off discount includes my coaching service here. It’s my gift to you! Remember to email me at, and do NOT use the Paypal buttons on the store or the coaching page, so I can properly invoice you with the 50% discount!

Just click here to find what you need today. Or buy something for a family member or friend to bless them! 😀

Soon I’m offering beautiful jewelry here!

I have more products coming  for my estore (two new ebooks due out this fall!), and I’m happy to announce that soon I’m going to offer some beautiful, hand-made, sterling silver jewelry from my friend Jennifer Whiddon of Jennifer Whiddon designs)!!!  Be sure to sign up on my personal mailing list so you’ll be first to hear about these new products for sale.  I am SOOO excited about this new Joint Venture with Jennifer, and can’t wait to share them with you!

Some of Jennifer’s creative, unique pieces go perfectly with my products and my passion for encouraging women to use their gifts for God and my belief that God has custom designed each of us for His glory.  Jennifer got an idea this week for a piece that I believe God gave her JUST for me and my business, and I am SUPER excited about this!

I can’t wait to get one for myself, but first Jennifer and I are doing a JV to give away the first one on the last class in my Unveiled: G.I.F.T.S. Process sessions that I’m holding now online. You can find Jennifer on Facebook at

In my next post, I’ll share 50 things I’ve learned in 50 years.

Remember to email me at today for your 50% off discount price on any of my products or coaching services.