Anxious, depressed, and stressed during Coronavirus & Shelter In Place order?

If you are like me, you have been battling anxiety, depression, and great stress during the Coronavirus crisis and the Shelter In Place order across the U.S. and the world. My biggest concern is about our three daughters, our grandkids, or other loved ones contracting the virus (as well as […]

Keep praying

The curve is flattening for the Coronavirus in states across the United States and the world. I am praying God ERADICATES this virus from the Earth forever, protects my family and me and our loved ones from getting it, that He heals the sick, and that He restores people’s jobs […]

Online Speaking Events

Due to the Coronavirus and Shelter In Place order in Missouri where I live, right now I’ve moved my speaking events to online. As soon as the Shelter In Place order lifts and the U.S. and other nations’ borders open, I’m ready to go speak in person! Meanwhile, if you’d […]