<font color="#004000">3 P's in a Pod</font> Prayer, Purpose, Passion

3 P's in a Pod: Prayer, Purpose, Passion
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Living Your Passion Out Loud!

Dear friends,

Do you have a consistent, daily quiet time with God? Are you walking in your God-given purpose? Are you pursuing your passion and becoming everything that God created you to be? What's holding you back?

Need some encouragement and empowerment to go for all that God has in store for you?

Beth took her teaching from her first-ever webinar and created this wonderful ebook just for you! You will be inspired to fulfill your great destiny in Christ!

Prayer. Purpose. Passion.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

It will inspire you to become all you were created by God to be!

You will be encouraged and empowered to begin walking in your unique purpose.
You will tap into your passions and begin to pursue them for God's glory!

Testimonial about webinar, Lois Graham,http://lois-graham.com

3 P's in a Pod:
Prayer, Purpose, Passion!

You are going to love this ebook:


You will learn everything which Beth taught at the webinar. If you missed her live webinar, you can still reap the benefits of her teaching on the "3 p's." This ebook also goes more in depth on each of the three points.

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4. It's easy and convenient Let's face it, sometimes we get just TOO busy for long devotions. Well, I make it very easy for you to get fed the Word of God. This ebook is 31 pages long, short enough to read in one afternoon!


I attended the 3 P's in a Pod for Christian Women: Prayer, Purpose, Passion webinar with Beth Jones today. What a blessing! Beth said some things that hit home.

One thing she said is that the Father gives us the desires of our hearts. I've always heard that, but I've often wondered if it's true. I've come to believe that it's not necessarily that the Father allows us to have the things we long for, but that He puts the desires into our hearts -desires that mesh with His perfect will for our lives.

As a word of advice, Beth suggested writing down our dreams. That's one thing I'm going to do. It was truly a blessing to be a part of it. Beth, thank you for exuding the Father's love.

Mara Burke


Your webinar was INCREDIBLE! So powerful, so passionate, so inspiring. It's especially inspiring because you live exactly as you taught today - dreaming for God, chasing those dreams, and living to the fullest for Him. I'm so in awe of you! What an honor to witness your first webinar - there will be many more to come!

Kimberly Ehlers, Christian Speaker and Writer

Here are some of the things you will take away from this teaching:

3 P's in a Pod:
Prayer, Purpose, Passion!

  • Understanding what prayer really is - and how to make time to pray with your busy schedule!
  • Discovering your life's purpose and fulfilling it. God has a great plan for you!
  • Identifying your passion and pursuing it. You have incredible, untapped potential!

Testimonial from Nancy Lewis, www.Nancy-Lewis.com


I am so excited about this ebook, and I believe you will be, too!

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      3 P's in a Pod
      Prayer, Purpose, Passion!

      With Beth Jones

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