Purple wildflowers

Yesterday my husband Ray wanted to go out to eat for steak, so we had a date night. There’s a little dive out in the sticks called Short Street Tavern in a tiny town called Montrose, Missouri (population 384 in the 2010 Census),  that has the best prime rib we’ve ever tasted, and it isn’t that expensive. 

The steak comes with little bowl of au jus (steak juices) and horseradish sauce (cream or fresh shredded, which can make your eyes water!), delicious french fries or a loaded baked potato if you like, and a trip to the salad bar, with tasty fresh veggies. I opt for the salad bar, with just a few fries and ketchup, and Ray eats the rest of my french fries, lol. 

Prime rib
Prime rib

The drive on the way over rolling green hills is pretty and peaceful, a much needed reprieve in both our days’ work.

As we drove, I noticed some purple wildflowers on the side of the highway. I told Ray that if I had some scissors, I’d get out and cut some for a bouquet to take home, as I love fresh flowers. Soon after that, dangerously stopping right before a hill but wanting to please me, Ray got out of the car and cut some with his pocketknife. I prayed that Ray or I wouldn’t be hit by a car or truck, but was so happy to get them.


Here’s a picture I snapped from the car of Ray cutting the flowers by the highway.  The back windshield was dirty, plus the sun was shining so it’s hard to see him.

Ray cutting flowers
Ray cutting flowers

I googled the flower and believe it is  called: 


Glandularia canadensis (formerly Verbena canadensis).
Bees, butterflies, and skippers drink nectar from the flower. Ray said there were bees on the ones he picked, and he shook them off before bringing them to me in the car. This is a very good thing since I’m allergic to bees.
These wildflowers are great for rock gardens and thrives best in sunny locations and medium-moist soil.
rock garden Image resource: http://cdn.decoist.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/natural-terraced-rock-garden.jpg
rock garden
Image resource: http://cdn.decoist.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/natural-terraced-rock-garden.jpg

Ray and I were able to talk a little, which is nice since he works so much and often has to catch up on sleep when he’s home off work. We talked about everything from our kids to us visiting Scotland (one thing on our bucket list) to his military friend, who has PTSD and is suicidal right now to us buying our rental home. We’re praying for his military friend’s healing.

And I came home with a bouquet of beautiful purple wildflowers.

purple wildflowers
purple wildflowers



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