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Take it easy (Ray in Winslow, Arizona) and the restaurants we tried on our Grand Canyon trip

One of the funnest things about going on a trip is the unexpected, the spontaneity. This can be good or bad, but it is all part of the excitement and breaking out of your daily routine and the mundane. Traveling, while it  can test your predetermined budget and be stressful at times, can expand your mind and thrill your heart.

A quote on says, “Great things never came from comfort zones.” So true!

me, our daughter Leah, & Ray at Grand Canyon

me, our daughter Leah, & Ray at Grand Canyon

When my husband Ray, our daughter Leah, and I traveled to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona to celebrate Leah’s college graduation, Ray and Leah (both science buffs) decided after we had seen the Canyon, that the next morning we would drive to see the Meteor Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona on Route 66 (a famous highway that stretches across the USA for 2,400 miles, crosses 8 states, and three time zones). The crater measures 550 deep and is almost a mile wide.

Meteor Crater, Arizona

Meteor Crater, Arizona
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The website says the iron-nickel meteorite impacted the area with a force 150 times greater than an atomic bomb. Ray and Leah were disappointed to find that the area was closed temporarily, and we could not go after all.

But I was secretly relieved. We didn’t have our hats or sunscreen, and I just wanted to go shopping for souvenirs for Leah and me!

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