Sometimes you have to walk a unique path.

You are walking to the beat of a different drummer.

Not the status quo. Not what others say or think or do.

You’ve heard Jesus’ voice clearly, His Word on matters.

It’s a holy calling.

Some people don’t understand, even other believers in Christ. They may judge and criticize you. Flaming arrows aimed at your back, because you have become the enemy’s target.

You’re in good company: people faithful to God throughout history, the prophets, the disciples, and Jesus were laughed at, ridiculed, slandered. And worse.

It can be lonely. You may sometimes feel all alone.

Only you aren’t. God is there with you. And He’s proud of you.

Keep looking up, being faithful and obeying God, and you will be blessed by Him: “Well-done, good and faithful servant.”

You answer to Him alone – One Judge. As will they.

You aren’t alone. Walk the path and purpose and great calling God has for your life.

“For zeal for Your house has consumed me.” Psalm 69:9, NASB




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