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Your precious value

Do you know your priceless value?

Matthew 6:26 says that God feeds the birds of the air, and how much more value we His children have. You and I are very precious to God. 

Here’s a short video clip of the snow here in Missouri and the birds eating from our neighbor Leetha’s feeder.





  1. Jane, we’ve had enough snow here this winter to satisfy me, lol. My husband shares the same sentiments as you about snow right now. I DO want to see those pretty flowers springing up soon, though!

  2. Beth,
    Uggh! I know the last thing I want to see right now is snow! Although I think snow is beautiful, I don’t want to see it in March. I would much rather see God’s creation coming back to life with flowers poking up through the ground.

    I do admit, however, to being an avid birdwatcher. 🙂

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