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Hope Ignited Facebook event starts Monday, March 8!

Hope Ignited event

Tomorrow to celebrate International Women’s Day, my lovely Canadian friend and biz peer Doreen Penner is hosting a virtual event on Facebook, Hope Ignited: Empowering Women to Rise Up! I am so excited and honored to be among the lineup of speakers for this event!

It is a full day of inspiration and encouragement. On pre-recorded Zoom videos, the six speakers are sharing their stories, wisdom, experience, and action steps.

It begins tomorrow, Monday, March 8, and lasts until Friday, March 12, to give you time to view the videos and join us. The event page is here. 

Bring your hot coffee or your fave cold drink, a journal and a pen to take notes, and mingle with the speakers on the event page here. Leave your comments and feel free to ask Doreen and the speakers any questions.

I’d love to connect with you there and I pray this event uplifts you. Please share and invite a family member or friend who needs HOPE, inspiration, and encouragement! Each speaker will have a different topic. It’s going to be fun!

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Do you have a “one word” yet for 2021? Here is mine.


Do you have a “one word” yet for 2021? I started doing this a few years ago, to set a “theme” and a focus for the whole year, instead of making New Year’s resolutions (which were usually broken before January was over!). 

It seems the “one word” comes as I’m just going about my day, doing routine things or praying. I ask God for the word that HE desires for me. I’m always tested on the word by God!

Photo Source: Arisa Cattusa.

At the end of December 2019, I received the word, “hope,” for 2020. At the time I didn’t understand why God gave me that specific word. Now I get it, looking back over the crazy, chaotic, fearful year of 2020. Every day, I needed to have hope in Jesus!

As I’ve been praying the last few days to prepare for 2021, I’ve received an impression or what I call “a nudge from God” of the word “steward.” It is a serious word. 

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Expect the unexpected: Feeding the hungry in Guatemala


Recently I traveled to Antigua, Guatemala, for the first time. Although I want to travel all around the world, Guatemala was never on my radar. But it was a “God thing.” I’m writing a Guatemala blog series to show you the beautiful pictures and to share about the amazing things God did there. This is Blog #7, Expect the unexpected: Feeding the hungry in Guatemala. You can read my other blogs in this Guatemala Blog Series at the end of this post. 


Before I went to Guatemala, my friend Dana Arcuri (speaker, author, and wellness coach on YouTube) was praying for me about my trip there. One morning she received an exciting word for me about the trip: “Expect the unexpected!” That is exactly what happened, in more ways than one! You can listen to her interview of me about this amazing trip on YouTube here.

When it was nearing the end of my trip in Antigua, Guatemala, my new friends Kim Rogers and Stan Edwards encouraged me to stay longer there. Kim said a week was simply NOT enough time to visit Guatemala! She is so right. They invited me to stay at their beautiful home in Jocotenango, which is close to Antigua.

Stan and Kim with lemonade at Guatemalan restaurant

Stan and Kim with lemonade at Guatemalan restaurant

I told them that I wanted to stay, but I had only booked my Air BnB in Antigua until Sunday and I was running out of money for my trip! They generously said that I could stay at their house free of charge and they’d feed me! (Stan is a great cook, by the way!)

Kim & me on her home's terrace, drinking coffee

Kim & me on her home’s terrace, drinking coffee

So, after praying about it and felt a peace from God that this was what He wanted me to do, I contacted the airline and rescheduled my flight to stay two days longer in Guatemala. Kim told me that the day I was scheduled to leave (Sunday), her friend Maureen Mckeon, a former Delta airline flight attendant, was volunteering at Parque Central (Central Park) with her friends to feed poor, hungry people. 

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