Client Praises

Here’s what my coaching clients have to say:


Vickie Oakley

Vickie Oakley, Speaker/Teacher/Author

Beth, there are no words that express how you have helped me move beyond. When we have our coaching sessions, I hang up the phone and I can write for hours!  You are my “muse”- our conversations are the catalyst by which my creativity flows and I believe it is because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I know  we met by divine appointment and I have accomplished more with you in the past three months than I have in three years on my own. I thank God for your obedience to coach and inspire women to use the gifts God has given us. He knew exactly the coach I needed for the next phase of my life. I look forward to continuing to work with you as I move toward becoming a speaker, coach, teacher and author.”–Vickie Oakley, Speaker/Teacher/


Dana Arcuri

Author/Speaker/Coach Dana Arcuri

For over one month, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow from life coaching sessions with Beth Jones. It’s been extremely valuable in helping me to discover my God-given talents and strengths. Most importantly, it’s helped me realize my calling and to pursue new adventures. Mere words can’t express how much Beth has helped me to grow as a person. Her life coaching sessions truly helped me gain a clearer vision of myself. It’s spurred me onward to take the next step to move forward. Beth is professional, sensitive, trustworthy, and an absolute blessing to work with. Her coaching sessions were truly eye-opening. They provided me clarity, which has become life-changing. Her insight and encouragement were exactly what I needed!”–Dana Arcuri, Speaker/Author/Wellness Coach,


Stephanie M. Carter

Stephanie M. Carter
Speaker/Bible eacher/Writer/Blogger

I would like to introduce Beth Jones to my Facebook friends. She is a Christian Life Coach and she is AMAZING. She has helped me in just a few weeks to get my life dream of writing books off the ground and running and my website going. She is so professional and knowledgeable. In just a few short weeks, she helped with ideas I already had, how to focus, how to put myself out there and she challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. (Whew, that was scary.) If you have said, “I need to do something with my life, I want to write my book, I want to do something more than I am doing” and you need some motivation, she is the person. I cannot tell you the incredible BLESSING she has been to my life. God was so good to let our paths cross for such as time as this in my life. Please check out her website if you are interested. You won’t be sorry. Thank you Beth.–Stephanie M. Carter, Speaker/Teacher/Author,


Jewelry Artist Jennifer Whiddon

You, Beth Jones, are awesome. I could kiss the ground you walk on. I am finally clear on what God is calling me to do. No more wondering if I am on the right path. No more indecision. I’m so excited. As soon as I can rest and get renewed, LOOK OUT! All because of you and God. I’m so inspired by you.”–Jennifer Whiddon, Jewelry Artist,


Imagine with me when I was a little, shy girl in school. At recess, I was always the last one to be chosen for a team. When there was a party, I was always on the outside. Have you ever felt like that and wanted to follow your dream? Beth Jones’ Helping Hands Coaching Group/Book Study class helped to encourage me in so many ways. One way was to be able to step out in faith and to have courage to follow my dream. Coaching class with Beth Jones has challenged me to do a lot of thinking. Reminding me to seek God first, not to let fear and stress control me, and to be totally submissive to God. It has been a great time of learning, sharing and making new friends. You do not want to miss a coaching class with Beth. God is using her.”–Nancy Lewis, Christian author, blogger, wife, and mom,


I thank God every day for Beth Jones. We all long for a sister in Christ – someone who accepts and loves us for who we are, points us to God’s truth, lifts us up with encouragement and in prayer, and is that person we can always count on to go to battle with us. Beth is that precious sister. While participating in Beth’s Helping Hands class, I was blessed to watch her live The Great Commandments that Jesus gave us – to love Him and love others. Her classes revolved around her overflowing love of God. With that focus, she loved each of us with genuine care, created a safe environment for us to share and heal from fears and hurts, and built up friendships among us all that I know will be long lasting. Through her class I experienced healing and learned great truths. Beth’s humility, wisdom, and authentic heart are amazing. She is clearly a vessel for God.”–Kimberly Ehlers, Speaker/Author/homeschooling mom

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  • Reply Julie Feilberg December 18, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Hi Beth; I spoke with you on the phone about two weeks ago, and just wanted to say how much i enjoyed our session together. It really does the heart good to talk with other christian women, who have wisdom to impart. It helped me quite a bit, and I am thinking i need a few more sessions to get some things going here. I especiallly enjoyed our prayer together.

    Thankyou so much for my free session. Looking forward to talking with you again!!

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