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The unstoppable power of prayer!

Beth Jones' teaching recorded LIVE in Phoenix, Arizona

Dear friends,

Need a true friend who will always be there for you? Cling to Jesus!

In this raw, unedited audio teaching recorded LIVE in Phoenix, Arizona, Beth shares how you will have fulfillment, power, and authority in prayer. She explores the false myths that people often have about prayer, such as needing to pray for a long time for your prayers to be heard or needing to get "cleaned up" before you can approach God. The truth will set you free!

She shares how your prayers, combined with faith in Christ and obedience to God, are a dangerous threat to satan and how he will do everything he can to keep you from praying. Learning about this UNSTOPPABLE POWER OF GOD "in the trenches" and finding nothing better in life than the presence of God, Beth has a lifestyle of prayer - and encourages you to do so, too. It will change your life!

In the "prayer closet," this teaching was birthed and matured. Now it is available just for you, through an audio mp3 that you can download to your computer, Ipod, or Iphone.

Why This Study?


We're all searching for something. We try to fill up that black hole inside of us with many things - financial or career success, a nice house or car, sports, tv, food and drink, social media, notoriety, etc. The only thing that can fill us up is God.

2. We find what we're looking for when we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ, and are filled with His Holy Spirit. All Mary Magdalene wanted was to cling to Jesus. When we begin to spend time with God and in His word regularly, we feel more satisfaction, joy, and peace. We begin to really LIVE the life we desire and that God has planned for us from the beginning!
3. As we begin to tap into the power of prayer, we discover our true identity, our unstoppable power in Christ, and our authority through God's revelatory word.

That is EXACTLY what this audio is all about. It will inspire you and give you more hunger for God!

Clinging to Him
Finding your fulfillment, power, and authority in prayer

You are going to love this audio. It is designed with the busy wife and mom in mind:


Go your own pace! Download at your convenience to your computer, Ipod, or Iphone. The lesson never expires!

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4. It's easy and convenient. Let's face it, sometimes we just get TOO busy for awhile. Well, I make it very easy for you to get fed the Word of God. This audio is approximately one hour long. You can listen "on the go" to this mp3 download in the convenience of your own home,as you're out walking, or while driving in your car. The links for this audio and the bonuses are included on the download page.


The reason I like Beth and enjoyed her book Walking With God so much is because of the way she describes prayer. That is the way I pray - just talking and listening to God. You don't have to have some fancy formula or do anything religious. You just hang out with Him like a friend. Beth's book is one of the best books I've ever read on prayer.

Prophetess Norma Washington, Pastor, Speaker, and Author of Saturday Morning Sisterhood
Norma Washington Motivational Ministries, www.preachwomanpreach.org
She Shall Be Called Woman conference
Phoenix, Arizona


Beth, like the midwives who wouldn't obey Pharoah's voice and who delivered the Hebrew children, spiritually you are a midwife. You see the gifts inside of other women, not realizing that same gift is in you....I hear the Lord say that He has put so much more inside of you than you have not allowed, but this is an hour and a season for you to walk in the new gifts and in new life. Others will see those new things, that new life, even God's greatness in you. This year you are giving birth to new things and even as you are birthing those things, you are RELEASING other women in those new things. Even though you don't minister like others, there is a uniqueness about you and the way you do things...you are Beth, the King's kid."

Prophetess Michelle Weston, Pastor, Speaker and Writer
Abundant New Life Through Christ Ministries
Mansfield, TX

Here are some of the things you will take away from this teaching:

Clinging To Him
Finding Your Fulfillment, Power, and Authority in Prayer
  • What Prayer is - Simple, Easy, and Doesn't Have to be Long!
  • Myths about prayer that will free you
  • Your UNSTOPPABLE power and authority in prayer (when you obey God)
  • Mary Magdalene's passion for Jesus - and how to ignite yours!


What I love about Beth Jones' teaching is the way she encourages and inspires women to move into God's plans for their lives. It doesn't matter what your past looks like. It doesn't matter what obstacles you are facing now. When you grab hold of Jesus and don't let go, and you seek His plan for your life, well then you can do anything He calls you to do because He equips you for it. You'll come away from listening to Beth feeling ready to let go of your past and excited about what God has in the future for you.

Jane VanOsdol, Christian writer and retreat speaker, author of "Ready, Set, Pray"

I am so excited about this course, and I believe you will be, too!

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    • My article, Taking Time to Pray
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    Clinging to Him
    Finding Your Fulfillment, Power, and Authority In Prayer

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