Need a daily quiet time, but don't see how you can make it happen? This will help you to get started in just a few minutes a day! You will love my new devotional audios set for those who want and need that get away with God. It is now available!

Dear friends,

In today's hurried, hectic world, it's not easy to find a daily quiet time with God. It's rush, rush, rush, hurry, hurry, hurry. And there's so much left on your to-do list at the end of your day! But this quiet time can be obtained in just a few minutes each day!

You don't have to pray for hours every day. You can pray anywhere, any time. God is always there for you. He's not on vacation. He doesn't have call waiting. You are already on His Daytimer every day. He just wants to be with you, and He is waiting for you!

Developing a daily quiet time with prayer, studying God's word, and worship has changed my life. That was the birth of this study. Now, after years of developing a lifestyle of prayer, this study is available.

I have made this study simple and easy to use. You can join me at YOUR PACE and at YOUR CONVENIENCE. You can study self-paced through my ebook Walking With God and this 7-audio series. You will desire to sit at Jesus' feet as Mary of Bethany did. This study is for the purpose of encouraging you to seek God each day, teaching you the practical tips for how to do that!

Why This Study?

  • Gives you more of a passion for God
  • Biblically based
  • Practical tips
  • Encouraging and challenging
  • Easy and convenient for your schedule
  • Can download to your laptop, Ipod, or Iphone

    What's in this study?

    It is designed with today's busy, on-the-go wife and mom in mind:


    Go your own pace! Study through with me--I will give you a new audio for each chapter of my ebook. This gives you time to enjoy the ebook without being rushed. You can use your prayer journal to pray and record your thoughts about the session questions at the end of each audio. Some of these session questions have bonus articles included!!

    2. I bring everything to you. You will receive 7 audios for the study and your session questions. These session questions include bonus articles and your freebie ebook within them - PLUS, my ebook Walking With God. You can access your audios immediately after paying for this bundle! They are ready to download and enjoy!
    3. Everything you need is included. Everything you need is included except for your Bible, journal and mp3 player. All you need is right there with your download. It is right there waiting for you. You don't have to purchase anything extra for this course.
    4. Never have to worry about missing a lesson. The links for all of the "Daily Quiet Time" series are included on the download page. Easy. No worries!


    Beth, I am so thankful for your new book. Thanks for making it so easy to pull away from the world and grab time with God. No longer do we have to feel like a failure. We can walk with God!
    Thanks again,

    Cindy Rushton ~ Speaker/Author/Entrepreneur
    Tuscumbia, AL


    Beth, I enjoyed your book Walking With God. I am sure your book will bless many and feel it would make a great study for young (or old!), Christian moms.

    Felice Gerwitz
    Author, Publisher: Media Angels, Inc.

    Receive instant access!

    Here is how it works:

    You pay for the study with the secure Paypal shopping cart, and are taken to your download page with the download links..

    This study will include everything you need:
    • Audio sessions
    • Session questions
    • "Prayer Tips" Sheet
    • BONUS articles
    • BONUS ebook
    • Walking With God ebook
    You will be able to download the 7-audio, mp3 sessions to your laptop, Ipod, or Iphone immediately to listen to at YOUR convenience. That gives you plenty of time to listen, take notes, listen again if you'd like,and really soak in the lessons. You are going to love it!


    Beth, I just got your book Walking With God, and I love it. I am 25 and have been married for 5 years. I have 2 children, I work full time, and I have a special needs child. So I know and see a strong need in many women my age in the community needing encouragement and support. I really feel like God has been laying on my heart to start a Bible study that would encourage young mothers, young married women, and new Christian women. I've been praying about starting this. When I read your book Walking With God, I was so excited. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I would like to order more books from you for the Bible study. We probably will be starting this study in January. Thank you for all your help. Walking with God is perfect for what I was needing!

    Staci A. Stephens-Morris, Rich Hill, MO

    Each audio is designed to be "to the point," practical, relevant, and immediately actionable. You will be able to use each lesson immediately in your own daily, busy, hectic schedule. Take a look at what this study will offer you!

    Have your GET AWAY WITH GOD!

    • You'll learn how to carve just a few minutes out of your busy, hectic day to spend with God, to read His word, and to worship Him so you can be filled up and renewed!
    • You'll learn practical tips, such as pruning what's unnecessary in your life to allow more room for what REALLY matters!
    • You'll learn how to distinguish God's voice from all others!
    • You'll learn why our prayers seem delayed sometimes ~ and what to do when you have prayed and prayed, and no answer has come!
    • You'll learn what it takes to really develop intimacy with Jesus - the price!
    • Plus, much, much MORE!

    You'd love to have this, but...

    Wonder what it costs?

    This is the best part! I wanted to make my bundle set affordable. You are going to love this bundle series.

    The retail prices for all of these items individually is approximately $15 each!

    Grab Your Set TODAY.
    Having A Quiet Time Each Day In the Midst Of a Noisy, Hectic, Rushed World

    Special Price...$15.99
    For The Entire, 7-audio bundle set (includes the Bonus articles, Bonus Ebook, and my ebook Walking With God)!


    (Even if it's 3:00 AM on a Saturday)

    You will be able to dig into these audios and bonus goodies right away, that are waiting just for YOU!

    See you soon for your quiet time sessions!

    Beth Jones

    This will be your favorite
    prayer resource ever!

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