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The Mad Hatter and God-colors in the world

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling that same sex couples can marry in all 50 states.

Children being read the story “I am Jazz” about a transgender child without consulting parents first, in the name of “tolerance and respect.”

Bruce Jenner, a man, saying he’s a woman.

The world saving whales but killing babies.

A potential “deal” with Iran, who wants to blow Israel off the map. Iran wants to do this to¬†Israel, the Jews, the apple of God’s eye, His Beloved, chosen people.

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter
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It’s as if the whole world has gone crazy, in the hands of the Mad Hatter. While the Alice in Wonderland cartoon may be funny, it’s not amusing what’s happening in the real world. It’s terrifying.

Satan is the Mad Hatter. He hates God and he hates God’s people, the Jews and Christians. Satan knows his time is very short and that Jesus is coming soon.

My heart is broken and I fear for our nation, America. I’m especially afraid for our children’s and our grandchildren’s sake.¬†God’s heart is broken for us, too. He weeps over us as Jesus cried over Jerusalem, killing her prophets and Him, their Messiah.

But I lean on and lean into God, trusting Him. I continue to intercede in prayer. God will never leave us or forsake us, and He will remember His covenant with His remnant.

The good news is that despite the world growing increasingly darker and more frightening, God is still in control.


We as Christians can be God’s light shining forth, God-colors in the world, His glory and His¬†treasure inside jars of clay to show His surpassing power.¬†

So no matter what is happening around us, or what is coming, don’t be afraid. Trust God. His promises are true and forever.



Coffee with God in the sunroom



In the morning and afternoon I love to sit in our sunroom, watching the birds at our feeders and have coffee with God.

My sunroom: red geranium, green plant & red flowered cactus

My sunroom: red geranium, green plant & red flowered cactus

Red flowered cactus

Red flowered cactus

bird feeder and hummingbird feeder

bird feeder and hummingbird feeder

This quiet time of solitude with God and nature gives me peace and makes me happy.

What are ways you use to draw closer to God and to refill? Leave your comments below.


Want to grow closer to God and develop a daily quiet time in just minutes a day? Check out my eBook, Walking With God, for just 99 cents at Amazon by clicking here.

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God’s word heals


Asian woman praying Photo-Credit-David-Niblack-Imagebase.net_..jpg

Asian woman praying


I started Joyce Meyer’s 30/30 Bible Study Challenge and thought I’d blog at times on the Scripture of the day from her challenge. Today’s is Psalm 107:20: “The word heals and delivers us.”

God has done miraculous healing in my life (emotionally, physically, spiritually) as well as in my family’s and friends’ lives. Whenever I hear someone say, “God doesn’t answer prayer,” I am just astounded. I’ve seen His answers firsthand to prayer again and again in amazing ways. He doesn’t always answer the way we want Him to, but God does answer prayer! He always hears your prayers!

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8). God healed and did miracles in the Bible, and He still heals and does miracles today. You can read some of those powerful healing testimonies in my book, Walking With God. Click here to find out more about it and to get your copy today. It is also available in Kindle version for just 99 cents here. 

God heals through His word; He also heals through doctors, medicines, surgeries, chiropractors, & other ways today

Recently my father had a very frightening experience. One day he suddenly lost vision in one eye. The vision came back after about an hour. He went to his eye doctor and his regular physician, who had different tests done at the hospital to find out what was going on.

The results were that he had major blockage in the carotid artery going from his neck to his brain. The neurosurgeon said he was a walking time bomb for a major stroke or a heart attack, and recommended surgery immediately. He still had a 2% chance for a stroke or a heart attack during the surgery, but it was much greater without it.

Daddy didn’t want to have the surgery; he was concerned of something majorly going wrong during surgery or even of dying. I didn’t want him to have it, either, but just prayed and asked family, friends, and my intercessor team to pray for him. The surgery was very successful. He’s now doing well, recovering at home! Praise God! Daddy told my sister Maria, “It must have been all those prayers!” Jesus is the Healer!

I don’t believe God always heals. Sometimes people are completely healed by God through death and going to heaven, where there is no sickness, no more death, sadness, tears or pain. But I believe that we are to continue to pray in faith, believing God for healing, up¬†until the very last minute.¬†Nothing is impossible for God! (Luke 1:37) After all, He’s GOD! ūüôā Our job is just to pray, and we need to leave the results up to God.

God’s word heals and delivers.¬†