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Birthdays, babies, and books, oh my!

My husband Ray and me on his 50th birthday

My husband Ray and me on his 50th birthday

There’s a lot going on in our family right now. Birthdays, babies, and books, oh my!

My husband Ray had his milestone 50th birthday this week. In the picture above, you see him wearing the “Champ” t-shirt I bought him.

I also made him breakfast (yes, this is quite a feat for me as I hate to cook!), baked him a home-made lime pie (he loves limes),¬†and bought him the t-shirt and work socks. I’m also hosting a birthday bbq for him in August with his friends.

Our daughter Heather bought Ray a new grill and a set of grill tools- an amazing gift! Of course we had to immediately try it out, so last night our kids and grandkids (except for our grandson Jacob, who was in AR) came over for his birthday bbq. Ray grilled his infamous Cajun chicken and corn on the cob.

Heather & Ray with his new grill for his birthday

Heather & Ray with his new grill and grill tools for his birthday

For the birthday bbq,¬†Heather and Eden made home-made, orange-cranberry cupcakes with orange-cranberry frosting and I served Ray’s lime pie. Here’s Eden frosting the cupcakes with her cool¬†baking¬†frosting tool.

Eden looked so pretty in her purple sundress. She’s now about 34 weeks pregnant with her little girl, Piper. We’re all excited about meeting Piper soon!

Eden frosting Ray's cupcakes

Eden frosting Ray’s cupcakes

Aren’t the cupcakes beautiful? Leah said I need to invest in this tool, because mine do NOT turn out this pretty! Eden would like to have her own bakery business one day.¬†Eden added an orange candy slice on top and a moustache as a joke, because I don’t like Ray with moustaches or beards.¬†

orange-cranberry cupcakes

orange-cranberry cupcakes

Here is Ray about to try one out. He gave his stamp of approval!

Ray and his cupcake with an orange slice and a moustache

Ray and his cupcake with an orange slice and a moustache

The grill works just great. The chicken and grilled corn on the cob turned out delicious! Everyone loved it and had fun.

Ray's Cajun grilled chicken

Ray’s Cajun grilled chicken

grilled corn on the cob

grilled corn on the cob

Everyone digging in! Left to right: Leah, Heather, Heather's boyfriend Matt, Ray, & part of Eden

Everyone digging in!
Left to right:
Leah, Heather, Heather’s boyfriend Matt, Ray, & part of Eden

Our granddaughters (Heather’s girls) Violet and Annabelle and I sat at the kitchen island to eat due to table space in the dining room (above). Annabelle (pictured on the right) is a picky eater, but she loves her papa’s grilled chicken!

Violet and Annabelle at Ray's birthday family bbq

Violet and Annabelle at Ray’s birthday family bbq

Here is a great family picture of us after we ate. I love it!

Our family, Ray's 50th bday Left to right: Heather, Eden, Ray, Leah & me

Our family, Ray’s 50th bday
Left to right:
Heather, Eden, Ray, Leah & me

Eden is eager to have Piper, but Piper doesn’t need to come yet! Eden is supposed to be 34 weeks pregnant, but she and I both think she is further along than that. Eden has already dropped and is dilated 1 cm. Of course, you can be at 1 cm for weeks!

I’m having a baby shower for Eden in late July, but Eden and I have both had dreams that she had Piper early and we don’t think she’s going to make it to her due date in August.¬†Eden¬†has an “owl” theme for Piper’s crib.¬†

owl theme for Piper's room

owl theme for Piper’s room

owl theme

owl theme

Finally, I’m about to “birth” my new, first ever fiction book, Storm Tossed. It is launching Monday, July 13, 2015, at Amazon.

Storm Tossed

I’m so excited about this. Ray and our youngest daughter Leah have been encouraging me for YEARS to write a fiction book! I had all kind of excuses WHY I couldn’t do this: I’d never written a fiction book before, I’d never taken fiction writing classes, what does plot mean, etc.

I had to tell myself what I’ve told my writer coaching students: “Just do it! No excuses! Write!”

To my surprise, my beta reader reviewers have liked (even LOVED) the eBook, and have given me very positive feedback!

I’m having a Facebook Virtual Book Launch Celebration on July 13, 2015. You can see my video about it by clicking here.¬†

Like I said, lots going on with our family right now. Very exciting! What is new with you? Leave your comments below. 


Blog, Business, Ebooks, Faith, Marriage, Parenting, prayer, Spiritual Gifts

My fiction book is at the formatter!

Storm Tossed ecover Copyright 2015 Beth Jones

Storm Tossed ecover
Copyright 2015 Beth Jones

This week I’ve been working on final edits for my new fiction book, Storm Tossed. Today it’s at the formatter to format it for Kindle at Amazon. I’m so excited!

Today I’m creating videos and making plans for a virtual event as part of the book launch. Which of these do you prefer?¬†

  • Webinars
  • Teleseminars
  • Facebook event
  • Twitter chat
  • _____ (you fill in the blank)

I’d love to hear you ideas! Leave your comments below.

“A great accomplishment shouldn’t be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward.”¬† ¬† ~Harvey Mackay

Blog, Faith, Writing

Born 2 Be Different book is now for sale at my website!

Born 2 Be Different

Born 2 Be Different

I’m so excited and honored to be a contributing author for LaToya Gay’s book, Born 2 Be Different.

14 women’s powerful stories of how they overcome the odds of the world to make a Kingdom impact. 7 women over 30 years old (paving the way).¬† 7 women under 30 years old (setting the record straight).

Stories in this book like: 

  • A woman who was almost molested twice by a family member between the ages of 11-12 years old?
  • A woman who hated men for several years because of the things that no young lady should experience at such a young age.
  • A woman who had affairs with married men, became pregnant out of wedlock 3 times by 3 different men, and had 3 abortions.
  • A woman who struggled with depression, anxiety, and lustful pleasures (pornography) for several years in secret.

 Maybe you have experienced a similar traumatic past and you are ready to let go and be healed ~ and be who God created you to be, a woman of influence and impact!

Our first book under our newest Born 2 Be Different series was written for young women like YOU! You are:

  • Born 2 Be Free
  • Born 2 Stand Out
  • Born 2 Love God
  • Born 2 Love Others
  • Born 2 Be Successful
  • and Born 2 Be Yourself!

You can get your autographed PRINT COPY today for just $9.99, plus $2.00 shipping.

(Please allow up to one week for delivery. )

To learn more, click here to visit my website store and scroll down until you see the book, Born 2 Be Different.

After you pay with Paypal, you should be directed back to my Thank You page here.

If you have any questions or problems, email me at

“God has made us what we are. He has created us in Christ Jesus to live lives filled with good works that He has prepared for us to do.” ~ Ephesians 2:10, God’s Word Translation