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Butterflies are free


Copyright 2013 Eren McKay

This morning a friend asked me for a favor, and when I did, she blessed me with a gift. I don’t know if Eren McKay knew that I’m hosting a women’s conference locally on April 27, and that it’s logo/theme is a butterfly being released, but she made this beautiful butterfly graphic for me. I love it!

The colors are beautiful and I love heart drawings. How creative for her to¬†draw the girl holding¬†the flowers and the butterflies like balloons! (Eren’s creativity inspires me! You can check out her site here. Be sure to also listen to her podcasts. They are so soothing and peaceful, and very practical.)

Have you ever seen a butterfly that is stressed out, worried, depressed, angry, or unhappy? No. Butterflies are free. They are happy. They are not weighed down with concerns that hinder them from flying.

What about you? Are you free? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you being all God made you to be, living out your purpose and passion for God’s glory?

I invite you to join me and other women across the U.S. and Canada for this exciting women’s conference in Belton, MO (just outside Kansas City, MO). Women of¬†faith of all races,¬†nations, cultures, denominations, and economic classes¬†will connect in the heart of America¬†to enjoy our four anointed speakers, a delicious catered Italian lunch, great door prizes, friendship and networking opportunities – and FUN! It’s time to be RELEASED from whatever has been holding you back into your great purpose and destiny! You can find out more by clicking here.

If you live in another town, city, state, or even country, it will be SO worth the flight or drive to attend. God has already been doing amazing things with this conference. You don’t want to miss the blessing.

Planner 2013
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The Intention to Make Money

Planner 2013

My New Planner 2013

“I believe the power to make money is a gift from God.” – John D. Rockefeller

Over the last several months, God has been speaking one word to my heart, prosperity, a word that inspires some women and makes others cringe, because they’ve heard out-of-balance, Biblically-erroneous teachings on it. But God wants His children to prosper in every area of their lives – spiritually, emotionally, health-wise, in their families, in relationships, in personal finances, in business, and in career or ministry.

Money is not bad or wrong. Jesus taught more about money and wealth than any other topic in the Bible, so it’s obviously important to Him. Many of God’s faithful servants were very wealthy. They would be comparable to today’s successful 7-figure-a-year online gurus such as Zig Ziglar (recently passed away), Carrie Wilkerson, and Sandi Krakowski.

God wants you to be so prosperous and successful that you can become a blessing to others. It’s not about buying more toys, but about advancing the gospel and God’s Kingdom!¬†I share about this in my newest book, That You Would Prosper As Your Soul Prospers: Affirmations of God’s Blessings for Christian Women Entrepreneurs. (Details coming soon!)

Success starts with intention. The beginning of a new year is a great time to make not just new year resolutions, but to dream, to plan, to make intentional decisions and choices. From Secrets of 6-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny (pp. 87-88), we read:

“”Was it your goal to make a lot of money?” I asked Ruth, a highly paid computer expert. This was always one of my first questions to interviewees, and I was beginning to notice a pattern in the responses I was getting.

“No, I have to admit, it wasn’t,” she replied. “It was the recognition that motivated me. But somewhere in there was the intention to make good money.”

“You had the intention to make more money?” I asked, belaboring the word that had jumped out at me.

“That’s true,” she replied. “I was thirty years old, a poverty-stricken professional dancer. I was tired of being poor. So I made a decision. I said, “OK Ruth, it’s time to actually make money.”

There it was. The declaration of intention. I’d heard it in virtually every interview I’d done, although cloaked in different words. Each woman would describe that point in her life when she said to herself, “It’s time to make money.” And, in an almost uncanny way, the instant she made that explicit declaration to make money her life took a definite turn.”

What about you? Is it your time? Your turn? Start dreaming, start planning, start making an intention today.

Join me and special guest Cheryl Pullins in the chat room here at 2 pm Central Time on Dec. 28 as Cheryl shares about women entrepreneurs and success God’s way.

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Women’s Battles Radio Show Dec. 28 with Cheryl Pullins

Empowerment Speaker & Success Coach Cheryl Pullins

Empowerment Speaker & Success Coach Cheryl Pullins

Successful women entrepreneurs think, act and speak differently. Even more so, Christian women entrepreneurs should be the greatest example of support, encouragement and love in the marketplace. Ready to learn more about this? ¬†Join me and my special guest, Cheryl Pullins, on the Women’s Battles Radio Show on Friday, December 28 at 2 p.m. Central Time (3 p.m. Eastern Time).

Cheryl will be speaking about the importance of recognizing your creativity, talents and abilities as God’s gifts to you to be shared with the world. With the heart of a girlfriend, but the skill of a strategist, ¬†it’s Cheryl‚Äôs compassionate edge that makes her “the girlfriend you‚Äôve always wanted and the coach you need to have.”

Using a combination of knowledge, skill, experiences and wisdom, Cheryl serves as an Empowerment Speaker and Success Coach to women, where she helps amazing women accelerate their success by authentically building a business they enjoy and creating a life they love.

We’d love for you to join us in the chat room here.

Or you can call into the show with the Talkshoe call-in details below:

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 98698

Cheryl is the founder of Victorious Lifestyle Solutions, a thriving brand which empowers women who are ready to live the life of their dreams. Through coaching, speaking and publishing, Victorious Lifestyle Solutions is positioned as a global partner in accelerating personal and business success for women.

Cheryl’s new book Success is an Inside Job: Empowering Strategies to Define, Create and Live the Life You Love is scheduled to be released June 4, 2013.

To learn more about Cheryl and her Accelerate Your Success Programs, connect with her at

I am SO pumped about this show and can’t WAIT to learn much from Cheryl. I hope you will join me there!