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To mask or unmask: Is that the question?

Young woman with mask. Image source: Unsplash

Young woman with mask
Image source: Unsplash

When you go on social media sites, you’ll read a lot of different strong opinions about wearing a mask vs. not wearing one regarding the Coronavirus —even by Christian believers. 

This week I watched as a friend on Facebook posted her beliefs about not wearing a mask. And then the unbelievably hateful attacks came as satan’s flaming arrows toward her, one after the other, rapidly. People who did not just disagree with her beliefs, but they were calling her stupid, an idiot, a hypocrite, making fun of for her for wearing glasses, makeup, tattoos, and a seatbelt, cussing at her, cursing her to die with the virus, telling her she was killing others with COVID-19, mocking God’s and Jesus’ existence, posting blasphemous cartoon memes about Jesus, and much more.

angry woman

angry woman

At the last count today, I saw that there were 1.3K comments under her post and 139 shares. What shocked me were some of the rude, mocking, hateful comments by believers!

Sherri is a beautiful person inside and out, and I observed how she responded in such grace to all the hate with God’s agape love, forgiveness, and mercy. Truly an example of Jesus Christ, whether you agree with her beliefs about a mask or not! You can visit Sherri’s website here.

Sherri Ohler - image on Facebook

Sherri Ohler – image on Facebook

Facebook comments to Sherri's mask post

Facebook comments to Sherri’s mask post

Hateful comments to Sherri's mask post

Hateful comments to Sherri’s mask post

Seatbelt comments to Sherri's mask post

Seatbelt comments to Sherri’s mask post

To wear a mask to protect either oneself against the virus, or to protect others vs. not wearing a mask: Is that really the important question?

Sherri believes it is. Her original post is below:

“People think I’m selfish because I refuse to wear a mask ?, but in actuality I would be selfish if I DID wear a mask. Here’s why….
The second I put a mask on I am laying down my supernatural faith in Jesus and entering into fear with the world. Fear of a virus, fear of getting in trouble, fear of people looking down on me, fear of conflict, etc. And the second I give up my faith and partner with fear there is one less person in the world spreading the truth and healing of Yeshua!
Me wearing a mask should scare you, me NOT wearing a mask should give you HOPE. Me not wearing a mask is me loving Yahweh more than life and me loving you in the most powerful way I know how, by keeping the faith and being ready to pray for you in the power of Holy Spirit in all confidence for healing and deliverance from evil.
It is getting more and more difficult here in IL to not wear one. I get stopped at the door almost everywhere I go. The mark is coming. I pray that the grace of Jesus would be with me, and you. This is only the beginning. Stay strong.
“And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ. Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
2 Thessalonians 3:5?, ?16?, ?18″

Sherri believes the mask-wearing (especially mask-wearing enforced by governors and other officials) is all part of planning and preparing for the One World government system, which will ultimately lead to the rise of anti-christ and the mark of the beast.

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has  the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Revelation 13:16-17)

Russian dolls with masks. Image source: Unsplash

Russian dolls with masks
Image source: Unsplash

I personally do not wear a mask. Here are my personal reasons:

  1. I don’t believe God told me to do that. When Coronavirus first hit the USA and especially the state of Missouri where I live, a close friend told me to only go to the grocery store if absolutely necessary, to not leave town to see my kids in another bigger city, to not eat out at restaurants and fast food places, and to stay home as much as possible for protection against the virus. When I asked God if He wanted me to wear a mask to go to Walmart to buy groceries, God spoke to me in His still, small voice: “Beth, I want you to just trust Me.” This gave me peace and bore witness with my spirit. I did not feel that peace wearing a mask! I did stay home, once the Shelter In Place order was put into place, but not seeing my kids and my grandkids for over a month was the hardest part of me during this crisis! Right now, Missouri has not required mandatory masks, except in norther Kansas City (not my area). But I don’t put my faith and trust in a mask, but in Jesus Christ. Every day I pray the blood of Jesus and God’s protection over me and my family and loved ones. I believe it is the ONLY thing keeping us safe from this virus. If you are a believer and you wear a mask, I don’t judge or condemn you for doing so. This is just what I believe. I do believe in practical habits for optimum health, but we should do this anyway, not just during a pandemic: good habits like eating healthy, exercise, de-stressing, getting plenty of sleep and daily sunshine (that helps produce Vitamin D), and good hygiene like washing your hands.
  2. I don’t believe the masks really work to protect either myself or others against Coronavirus. The virus particles are very tiny and masks are porous. Surgeons began wearing surgical masks during operations to protect patients from wound infection and from contamination from the surgeon and the staff, not to keep from getting sick from the patient. While I believe the virus IS real and IS dangerous, I also believe the numbers are being hyped and even lied about, and that the mainstream media has been using the Coronavirus to create fear and even panic (hence, the insane toilet paper hoarding!). Because when people are panicking, you can control them! God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, of power, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) There is much controversy over whether masks protect either the wearer or others from Coronavirus, and even about the virus itself and the numbers. If you Google this, and watch videos on YouTube, you’ll find 100’s and even 1000’s of different opinions, including among doctors, nurses, medical staffs, Dr. Faucci, our nations’ leaders, and more. Do research yourself and come to your own conclusions, asking God to show you HIS TRUTH. If you post hateful comments here or on my Facebook, they will be deleted. You’re welcome to a different opinion, but please be respectful and kind. Sadly, there’s not near enough going around of that kindess in this world today!
  3. I believe the masks are a form of the state governments trying to control people and violate our Constitutional rights and destroy our economy (for their own political agendas). For example, when Shelter in Place orders took place across the USA, people weren’t allowed to go to church, dine in at restaurants, attend sport rallies, go to hair salons or barber shops etc. But after George Floyd’s atrocious death, protests, riots, looting, and violence (in large crowds with people standing close to each other, not socially distancing) were allowed by certain (primarily liberal) governors and mayors. Either the Coronavirus was and is dangerous and contagious or not–not just while worshipping in church or while eating at your fave Mexican restaurant! The virus didn’t go away just because people were protesting murder and racial injustices. We need the states to re-open so small and large businesses can go forth and rebuild the economy, or it is going to cause the collapse of the USA economy (which I realize some people actually want to happen and it’s evil!). I am praying for our great nation and wisdom for our leaders! I don’t believe for a minuet that this demonic virus came from God, but He has allowed it for His purpose and glory. We should NOT walk in FEAR, but trust God! I do believe we need to repent as a nation (and the world), so God will forgive us of our sins and heal our land! (2 Chronicles 7:14)

A family member of mine works at a store which not only requires its employees to wear its masks for the entire shift (which can hinder oxygen supply), but also now requires its customers to wear masks when shopping there! When I tried to talk to my family member about this, the response in defense of required mask-wearing was that customers must wear shirts and shoes to enter and shop at the store, so the masks aren’t that big of a deal. The difference is that clothing is about public decency. The enforced mask-wearing, especially since it is not a law in the state of Missouri, is about control. 

Vaccine. Image: Unsplash

Vaccine. Image: Unsplash

Although I can’t change the family member’s mind about what to believe about masks (or about Jesus), or anyone else’s, I am very concerned about what would happen if there is a mandatory “anti-Coronavirus” vaccine. Would this person also go along with this, too, since wearing a mask is now required at work and this person believes wearing a mask might help protect against the virus, at least a little?

I believe enforced mask-wearing is a pretest for how much the government can control people, and this is going to eventually lead to a mandatory vaccine “for the better good”–to supposedly “stop the spread of the virus.” Never before has there been such a fast race to develop a vaccine against a disease in all of history, to be used globally. 

Those who oppose an “anti-Coronavirus” vaccine are already being given a negative-sounding name. Anti-vaxxers. Like anti-maskers. Such people are being viewed as “dangerous” and “crazy” to others, to all of society. I was given an evil glare by a woman at the store the other day, apparently for not having on a mask. She kept quite a physical distance from me (more than the six feet, even though I do practice social distancing and wash my hands), but her look-to-kill reached me without a problem.  She was wearing a mask as well as her child, who couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old. All I could think about was, “Is that child getting enough oxygen?”

Will I wind up going to jail for this blog post or attacked like my Sherri was on Facebook? Will this post be blocked on Facebook? I pray not. (I acknowledge that I could be completely wrong in anything I am writing here!) Pray and ask God to hear His voice.

Coin shortage. Image source:

Coin shortage sign.
Image source:

Maybe you’ve also been noticing signs at stores about a “coin shortage” (which I don’t believe. I think it’s a LIE!). This “shortage,” of course, will lead to people eventually using only their credit/debit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, etc. Digital money. A cashless society. Does that sound familiar? (Revelation  13:16-17, from earlier in this post) All these things are related and it’s not an accident they’re occurring simultaneously!

What if you can’t work at your job, receive your paycheck to pay your bills, buy groceries at a store, pay your taxes, get on a plane to travel to another city, state, or nation, buy gas for your car, or do many other things that Americans are so used to in their daily lives without this vaccine? I believe this may be coming and am praying! I also believe that such a vaccine is the precursor to eventually the mark of the beast. (No, I don’t plan to get the vaccine and am praying for my family not to, either! You are entitled to your opinion and beliefs.)

So many vaccines have toxins with bad and even fatal side effects. Some vaccines like rabies, measles, Hepatitis A, and chickenpox include aborted fetal tissue.That is another blog post, but if you’re a believer, you don’t want to take a vaccine just for that reason alone, to obey your conscience before God. I don’t get the flu shot because my husband has been required to get them for his work as a paramedic, and he has gotten very sick every time from the shot! I believe the flu shot has toxins in it, and don’t want to be exposed to them.

Biometric identification in vaccines, like those launched in Seattle in March 2020, will be able to verify those who have had the virus infection and to keep track of those getting the vaccine.

Do you yet feel like it’s the Twilight Zone, like I do?

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

Larry Dohrs, Southeast head of the non-profit business iRespond in Seattle, WA, working on this, said, “National governments don’t have a very good record of giving up new powers once a crisis has passed. Technology we use for disease surveillance today should not become tools for state surveillance at a later date.”

State surveillance? Hello, as Adelle’s song says. There’s a big clue! Meaning such a thing is possible (and probably already is in place, ready to launch in the wrong evil hands!).

With USA liberal governors lusting for power and control already doing this type of controlling the masses with required mask-wearing of its citizens, what makes us think they won’t with a vaccine and a digital money system? Think again. Most of all, let’s pray!



Have you been saved through faith in Jesus Christ and are you living in obedience to Him, walking in His Love? That is the real, vital question. 

Please leave your (respectful) comments below.

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Hello mornings

Hello Mornings book

Hello Mornings book

This week I’ve been reading the amazing book Hello Mornings: How To Build A Grace-Filled, Life-Giving Morning Routine by Kat Lee, which you can find at Amazon here.

It’s about a simple, three-minute morning routine to help you build a daily, life-long, Jesus-centered habit to anchor you for every season of your life.

Now if you’re like me, you are so not a morning person, and you don’t exactly jump out of bed in the morning with glee.

In fact, let’s just be real here. Cheerful morning people can be irritating (and especially chatty ones)! The Bible even backs me up on this (sorta’!) in Proverbs 27:14, NASB:

“He who blesses his friend with a loud voice early in the morning, It will be reckoned a curse to him.”

Smiling woman. Image source: Unsplash

Smiling woman
Image source: Unsplash

But we can start our day differently (including our attitude!) with these 3 small, simple steps. Kat says, “Each morning can then become a launch pad into God’s amazing plan for your life!”

Here is the routine Kat introduces in this book that anyone can do:

The Three-Minute Morning:

1.Read/memorize/pray Psalm 143:8.

2. Look at your calendar for today.

3. Drink a glass of water.

That’s it!  Totally doable. Simple. Not hard!

She writes, “There you go. That will change your life. There’s nothing magical about each step, yet each one is crucial. Feel boxed in by how specific it is? You can change it up…”.

She said at first, she started it small, and at times it was messy or she was lazy, falling back asleep. But she kept on until it became a daily habit, then she wrote a blog about it, then a group challenge called Hello Mornings with thousands of women joining it.

Finally, to her surprise Kat was invited by the director of the child sponsorship program Compassion to go on one of their trips to the Philippines, the country where her mother was born (who had died nine months after Kat was born. Compassion’s director Shawn Groves did not know this when he invited Kat, but God did!).

Lakawon Island Resort, Cadiz City, Philippines. Image source: Unsplash

Lakawon Island Resort, Cadiz City, Philippines.
Image source: Unsplash

When arriving to the Philippines, Kat not only met the child her family had sponsored through Compassion for years, but a group of people was waiting for her at the hotel-the family that she’d never met! She was surrounded by women who looked like her–her mother’s sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews. Not only Kat and her family were in tears, but Shaun and the Compassion team were, too (“all ugly crying right along with me,” she writes).

As Kat says, oh, how God redeems! And it all started with 3 simple steps in the morning for her! Just think what God can do for you!

Kat writes, “Taking the time to sit and savor all the possibility wrapped up in the next twenty-four hours is refreshing, inspiring, and invigorating. The One who, with a simple whisper to your heart, can make all right with the world, waits ever so patiently for you each morning. He knows you. He wants you. He remembers your biggest dreams, your secret hopes, and your desperate prayers…He is my greatest gift, the source of my hope and security. With Him, every single day, all things are possible.”

If you already have a morning routine, you can add this. And you don’t have to stop there.

Kat (I love her name!) encourages you to start small with these three steps, then dives into how to cultivate these daily, continuous habits of God, Plan, Move into a well-lived, successful life of faith and purpose. She includes delicious things like having a woven basket for your materials like your Bible and a notebook and a cup of joe (or hot tea), journaling Scriptures with fun, colorful pens, and doing stretches first thing or getting a FitBit to count your steps during the day.

FitBit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch

purple FitBit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch

Kat writes about the importance of preparation of a “morning kit” for your morning routine with God. “I like to think of it like having a guest, except the guest is my tired, grumpy morning self. I prepare candles, coffee, a cozy corner, and all the little accoutrements of an inspiring morning time.  Few things make waking up early more fun than having a little nook all set up, ready, and waiting for me to snuggle down and let God fill me up so I can live the day for Him. If we put in the preparation beforehand, when the alarm goes off, the rest will be easy.” (pp. 164-165)

Coffee With God eBook

Coffee with God eBook

I share about my own routine in my book, Coffee With God, available at Amazon here. My own nook is our front entry room, where I have my Bible, journal, Sharpie extra-fine, black pens, coffee (recently I bought Cacoa Bliss to add to the coffee. It is so yummy and chock full of healthy ingredients, USDA organic, and gluten free–and you can drink chocolate without feeling guilty! I also keep a basket and a stack of good books on the little table besides the couch, from which to choose daily readings like Hello Mornings.

What I love about this 3 Minute Morning is that I know I can do this. I can wake up (eventually, if I have had insomnia the night before!). I can say a short prayer to God, thanking Him for a new day to serve Him. I can eat just a bite, like 1/2 a grapefruit, fruit and yogurt, or an egg. Then I start the red Keurig coffee pot (I add the Cacao Bliss and lots of creamer to mine!). This is my “coffee with God” time and one of the fave parts of my day.

Yesterday I implemented the “Move” part in Kat’s God, Plan, Move routine by cleaning the whole house. Today I worked in my little flower gardens, weeding. Can I just say weeding is hard work, especially if it’s been awhile since you did it?

Creeping Charlie weed

Creeping Charlie weed

Weeds are to flowers what sin is to our hearts. It is hard work rooting out these things, but with God’s help we can do it. Today I saw that the Creeping Charlie weed (also called ground ivy) was growing worse in our yard. It is a hard to kill lawn weed.  Even if you dig it out, its rhizomes are so invasive that leaving behind just one fragment can result in a new plant. This weed can take over your entire garden and yard, as sin can take over our lives.

purple & white annuals garden

purple & white annuals garden


rose garden

rose garden with stones

I encourage you (and myself) to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything that is a hindrance to your intimacy with God. Repent and ask His forgiveness and for God to cleanse you of this sin. He will show you if there’s anything there, and He won’t overwhelm you with all your sins at once.

Well, I’m not finished reading this book yet. But Kat encourages her readers to ask God, “Are the things filling my day the things You want to fill my day?” To align the rest of our day with God’s heart.

Heart on beach Source: Unsplash

Heart on beach
Image Source: Unsplash


Do you already have a morning routine? How does this 3 Minute Morning Routine sound to you? Share in the comments below. 

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July: Half way there

Our daughter Heather finishing her first 5K

Our daughter Heather finishing her first 5K

When our daughter Heather was in high school, she joined the track team. I remember one specific meet where she was competing and on the last stretch. As I stood in the stands watching her run as hard as she could, her face contorted with the intense effort, I screamed as loud as I could, “RUN, Heather!” as she passed me by. The memory brings tears to my eyes as I recall cheering my daughter onto the finish line. Years later, she participated in her first 5K run, and I was there, too, so excited and happy for her as I watched her finish.

To this day, I’m still in the stands, cheering her on in this exciting, and sometimes difficult race called life. And all of our children, our grandchildren, and those I love. 

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