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New theme for my website

coffee, laptop, and plant

I am trying a new theme for my website here at It’s called LifestyleFlorence. I hope you like it. The navigation is pretty much the same.

Since it’s now [almost] July, mid-year, it’s a good time to re-evaluate our one word for the year (mine is HOPE), our vision, our dreams, and our goals. (Am I hitting them? Are you?)

Remember that Coronavirus, Shelter In Place orders, racism, and violence can’t STOP your purpose. This is just a pause.

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Re-alignment: 5 ways to stay motivated and back on track

shoes on sand

Shoes on sand
Image source: Unsplash

Losing motivation? It happens to all of us at times. But there are ways to keep moving forward, which means taking a hard look at your priorities this year. With the 3 P’s–prayer, preparation and planning–you can stay motivated all the way through whatever goal you’ve started, whether it’s getting fit and healthy, becoming debt-free, or traveling to a new country.


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What I’ve been learning lately

Woman lying on upper back and holding her lower back in balance. Image Source: Istock

Beautiful woman lying on upper back & holding her lower back in balance. Image Source: Istock

Summer is here and it’s a good time to reflect on and reevaluate how the year is going. You and I may have had bodacious plans for 2020, such as traveling to another country, getting fit and losing 20 pounds, or becoming debt-free. We certainly didn’t expect to be in the middle of a global pandemic and seeing riots, looting, and violence over George Floyd and racism. 

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