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Videos from the 5K walk/run that Heather and I did

I thought you might enjoy some short video clips from the 5K walk/run that Heather and I did last night.

Some kids did a 1/2 mile run before the 5K started. One little girl, who couldn’t have been more than four years old, ran it. She came in last, but she finished, and everyone was cheering her on. She was so cute!

Have you walked or ran a 5K run? What goals do you have for the remainder of this year? Leave your comments below.

Video of Heather before 5K run

Video of kids running 1/2 mile run

Video of little girl finishing 1/2 mile run

Video of Heather running 5K

Video of Heather’s medal at 5K

Video of awards at 5K. The 3 women I walked with are sitting on the bench.




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