What is life coaching? Does everyone need it

Coaching is an innovative kind of coaching done face to face, through phone calls (such as on Skype or conference, individual, or group coaching calls), or with written communication (email, chatting). It’s powerful, life-changing and fun. I coach from a Christian perspective, inviting God into every aspect of my life and business because I can do nothing apart from Him and I need His wisdom and guidance. I believe that everyone can benefit from life coaching, based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, NLT: “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. 10 If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”

How do you know coaching is for you?
Coaching is for you if you want to…
?Take the next step toward a God-sized dream
?Better understand who you are and what God created you for
?Discover or more fully pursue your life purpose and passions
?See your goals and dreams fulfilled
?Grow in your personal and professional life

Why should you coach? What are some of the benefits of Coaching?
?Gain clarity about who God made you to be and your life purpose
?Discover your spiritual gifts, talent, and skills
?Gain confidence and feel fulfilled and happy each day
?Gets you unstuck and helps move to the next level in your journey
?Gives you an encouraging and motivating mentor as you pursue your goals and dreams
?Helps you find new perspective and creative solutions
?Leads to tangible changes and powerful transformation in your life.

What’s the difference between life coaching and counseling?

Counseling primarily focuses on the past and healing. Life coaching focuses on the future and growth. I am not a licensed counselor or therapist and can not give you any counseling or therapy, in person, on the phone, or on the internet. If you do need counseling/therapy, I can refer you to licensed, professional counselors to help you.

How do the Coaching Sessions work?

You and I will have hour sessions on my private phone conference line. You’ll receive a downloadable mp3 replay of our Coaching Session. You will receive homework assignments to work on and complete through the week that will help you to move toward the next level. In between sessions, you can email me for support.

What’s the investment for Coaching?

I offer three different levels of Coaching Packages, depending on your needs and desires, which you can find out more about below. I value your time and your financial resources and am committed to seeing you experience excellent, satisfactory results from what you invest into Coaching.

What do you do next?

Find the Coaching Package below which best suits your needs, and click on the Paypal button below it to get started right away. I will send you a short Coaching Intake Form by email that you will fill out, which shares a little bit about you and your goals and needs for coaching. I can’t wait to work with you today!

Do you want your life and business pleasantly surprised by great changes in 2012?

Are you tired of being in the same rut?

Do you want to get unstuck from fears, excuses, procrastination, limiting beliefs, and self-doubts, and move forward this year into your God-given purpose and destiny?

Do you want to hear God’s voice more clearly, unlock your spiritual gifts, and pursue your passion?

Do you want to be used by God in a great way to help others and glorify Him?

Do you want more SUCCESS in your life and business in 2012?

I am now offering for the first time a variety of coaching services just for you:

  • three-month private coaching sessions with me to get laser focus in your business if you are willing to take fast action and make a commitment to change. This package will include monthly calls, unlimited email support, and one-on-one confidential “anointing” prayer with me to pray over you, your calling, and your business;
  • one-month coaching sessions with monthly calls and email support, to take you through practical, doable, take-action-now steps to begin growing a thriving business and accelerate you into your life purpose.
  • single strategy coaching sessions with me for your writing, speaking, coaching or at-home business to crystallize your vision, give you more clarity, and give you practical, action steps you can take today to get unstuck and move forward in 2012.

Whether you are on a strict budget or you want to invest more in yourself, you will find what you need with my new coaching packages if you desire more in your life – more of God’s presence, more time, more fulfillment, more of discovering and walking out your life purpose, more of living a passionate, faith-filled, joyful life, more SUCCESS!

It’s not about us, but about God and His glory. I want to become the woman God desires, don’t you? I want to passionately pursue Him and hear from Him, “Well done, good and faithful servant” when I see His face!

To learn more about my coaching, just click here.

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