The Spiritual Gifts

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What are your spiritual gifts? Where does the Bible talk about the spiritual gifts? Last year I wrote an article on the gifts and wanted to share it with you here for further study. I hope to begin sharing more about the gifts in the next few months. The spiritual gifts are just that – a precious GIFT from God.

The gifts did not cease with Jesus’ ascension or the death of the apostles. They are not demonic, but are from God.

They should never be taken for granted or abused. And we don’t “earn” or “deserve” them somehow – they are simply given to us by God’s grace for HIS GLORY. They’re not about us, but are to lift up Jesus Christ and to build God’s Kingdom.

They are a sign to unbelievers and are a powerful weapon against our enemy Satan. He doesn’t want us using our gifts for God. He’ll do everything he can to keep you from using your gifts or from fulfilling your God-given purpose and calling.

Don’t hold back in fear or intimidation. Learn more about the spiritual gifts and then use them. Find a good, Bible-teaching church whose leadership believes in the spiritual gifts and allows the Body of Christ to use them for God’s glory.

Remember they are not just to be used inside the four walls of a church, but outside the church–what I call “marketplace ministry.” Everywhere we go, we should share about the good news of Jesus and use our gifts for God.

There are spiritual gifts tests online. While different tests can possibly yield different results, usually they will reveal common answers.

For example, on the website, my top 5 gifts were discernment, leadership, prophecy, word of knowledge, and faith. Since I’ve taken spiritual gifts tests before and I know it to be true that they are my strongest gifts from operating heavily in them for years, I believe those results were accurate. Giving is also one of my strongest gifts.

Below are a few websites where you can take a spiritual gifts test.

Your church may also provide a spiritual gifts test for you to assess yours. Please keep in mind that not all pastors/leadership of a church and not all denominations believe in the spiritual gifts. But they are real and the Holy Spirit is alive and active today, using these gifts in God’s children.

I also highly recommend the resources , Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit by Lester Sumrall (available here at Amazon) and the book Step Out and Take Your Place by Krista Dunk (

To learn more about the spiritual gifts, just click on my pdf article below, or right click and save it to your computer. I’d love to know what you think. Just leave your comments below.

The Spiritual Gifts

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