3 Tips to Getting Super-Charged!

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Here is a guest article by Susan Liddy, author of AspireLifeCoaching.org, which inspired me and I pray it blesses you, too.


 3 Tips to Getting Super-Charged!
By Susan Liddy

Do you often find yourself slumped over at your desk each afternoon… or perhaps dragging yourself through dish duty or some other chore?

Is it a serious struggle just to make it to the gym twice a week? Do you feel like your kids sap you of your last bit of energy… or you just never get enough quality rest?

Do life’s mundane tasks seem unbearable at times? Do you find yourself dreading what should be fun?

It’s time to “say goodbye to sluggish, and hello to super-charged!

If you ever wonder why some people are just bursting with vitality while you’re barely keeping awake… there’s a reason. Those “perky” people are likely engaging in healthy lifestyle practices. They know how to maximize their energy levels, keep their spirits lifted, and maintain a positive attitude. Maybe they’ve even managed to boost their metabolism with all this good energy they’ve created.

So, can you do this for yourself… get super-charged for life? Of course you can! Here are 3 simple ways:

1. Embrace a Mojo Mindset. Your Mojo Coach, Debi Silber, is big on this and I am, too. A forward moving mindset is utterly important to feeling super-charged. If you spend your time focusing on the dreary, no-fun and sometimes fearful aspects of ANY endeavor, you absolutely won’t achieve it. Period. Instead, you must believe that you can do this. You must embrace that you are worth it. And, you must associate the GOOD stuff with the activity.

Here’s an example from daily life: walking the dog. You just came home. You’re tired, you’re craving chocolate, and the last thing you want to do is change into your exercise clothes and hit the pavement with your pooch. But think about it… what happens once you put your sneakers on and get out there and moving? The walk with Barney the Beagle, that once seemed like such a burden, actually becomes FUN. Your dog is wagging his tail, happy to be outside spending time with you. You’re burning calories which will help your body run more efficiently and let you relax when you’re supposed to. You’re absorbing vitamin D from the warm sunshine beating down on your shoulders. And best of all, you passed a couple of cute guys on your walk… and already you’re feeling MUCH better than when you started!

You see, there are two ways to look at any activity: that it’s either a pain, or a pleasure. Reminding yourself of the rewards will definitely keep you pepped for productivity, whether it’s a project at work, laundry folding, checkbook balancing, or playing with your kids. Life is beautiful… sometimes we just have to remind ourselves of this fact! You CAN do this. You WANT to do this. And, this is FUN.

2. Listen to your body. If you want to be ultra super-charged (or even semi-enthusiastic), you must pay attention to the messages of your body, including the emotions. Your body, mind and spirit are constantly sending you messages. They tell you when you are hungry, they tell you when to take a break. They tell you when you’re in need of companionship, and when it’s time for some solitary activity. They tell you when you are not stretching enough and they tell you when you’ve stretched too much. Listen to your body’s messages. Let them help guide you.

In order to make the most of the energy that we do have, it pays to recognize that we cannot operate at full capacity all the time. The body functions according to its own inner rhythm, so that throughout the day you will experience much fluctuation. Take, for example, that 3 or 4 p.m. slump that so many of us go through each day. Why does this happen? Well, it may be that our morning coffee has officially worn off. Or, perhaps our blood sugar just took a nose dive, as several hours have passed since we ate lunch. Or… it could simply be that we’ve been awake since 6 a.m., and our bodies and minds have down-shifted to try and conserve some energy to get through the second half of our busy day.

Don’t ignore the signals that your body sends. If you feel like you can’t focus on the task at hand, then go do something else. We spend an awful lot of time sitting in one position at our computers. Tension builds in our neck and shoulders, our eyes grow tired, and we lose circulation in our hands and feet. Just like our computers, our bodies sometimes go into “sleep” mode! If this happens to you, get up… move around. Gaze out the window or take a walk outside for a few moments, to get that life blood moving again. Flex those mental muscles with a quick crossword puzzle. Treat yourself to a healthy snack, like a yogurt or some fresh fruit. Give a good friend a call! These are all great ways to honor what your body is asking for. Listening to your body and answering its needs will keep your energy levels primed for those times when you require the extra oomph!

3. Drink water – lots of it! I CANNOT overstate the importance of drinking tons of water. Water not only hydrates your body, but it fills you up, relieves hunger pangs and ramps up your energy. The key is to drink those 8 glasses per day, and keep doing it because you may not feel the good effects for several days to a week!

Just imagine what happens to your body when you don’t drink water. Have you ever seen a wilting garden? It’s laying over, drooping. Its colors are fading. This is exactly what happens to you when you forget to hydrate your cells. Water pumps life through your body and keeps your blood flowing and your mind fresh.

Imagine that same garden, after having taken a good drink of cool, clean water. Everything springs to life!

All of the above practices are a great start for those who are tired of feeling tired, and ready to ramp up their energy levels… not to mention, get a good old-fashioned dose of positive attitude! People who focus on the positive things get more done and feel better about themselves and life.

It’s time to get super-charged. You can do this!


Life Coach Susan Liddy, MA, PCC, CPCC, is on a mission to let every woman know that she can live a confident and fulfilling life. Since 2004 she has helped women around the globe achieve goals and dreams such as heal relationships, write books, change careers, start businesses and create overall life balance. She is the Founder and CEO of AspireLifeCoaching.org, creator of the Passage to Empowerment™ coaching program, and author of The Secrets to Ultimate Living: What You Wish You Knew When You Were Twenty. Learn more about Susan Liddy by visiting her website:  www.AspireLifeCoaching.org or blog: www.SecretsToUltimateLiving.com

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