Feeling alone in marriage

Sad woman

The smell of the coffee brewing at 6 a.m. was intoxicating, and Stella couldn’t wait for the creamy warmth of the Starbucks’ Latin America coffee and thick, chocolate-caramel creamer to fill her cold soul. She pulled grandma’s colorful, patchwork quilt up to her neck, hugging it like a child, missing Meemaw desperately, and tried not to think of last night when Geoffrey came home from work.

He grunted a hello when he saw her.  Sometimes she didn’t even get that much.  He immediately unlaced his work boots and stripped off his uniform that smelled of his after-shave and sweat, and went to the fridge. She could have bet anyone a million dollars on his next words, and won:  “What’s for supper?”  Did he ever think of anything but food?

After getting snacks and a cold glass of tea with lemon, he sat down on the couch with the remote to relax. There he’d be the rest of the night. She could have stood naked right in front of him and he would have been oblivious. He never looked at her anymore, not to mention touching her.  It was like she wasn’t even married anymore.

If this describes you, then you join the ranks of many married women today who say, “I feel alone in my marriage.” It is one of the common complaints of married women, and it can be quite frustrating and hurtful. 

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Feeling Alone In Marriage

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