Finding your spot to pray

The weather in Missouri has been cold lately, which makes curling up under a warm quilt with hot cocoa your best choice for the evening. It also makes sitting outside on our back deck much less appealing.

In the spring and summer, one of my favorite places to pray is on the wood deck in our back yard. Last year I bought my own little, vinyl blue chair, one with a coffee cup holder so that I could pour myself a thermos of hot coffee (lots of sugar and cream!) and sit on the deck, sipping my coffee, reading my Bible, and praying on the deck in the warmer weather. There’s a bird feeder in the yard and pretty flowers that were planted here before we moved here, so I’ve been able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation outdoors as I prayed – red cardinals, yellow and blue butterflies, pink surprise lilies, my red Gerber daisies. This is my spot in spring and summer.

In the winter, my spot is our den on the forest-green couch, by the fireplace mantel that has my Willow Tree Angels collection.

My Willow Tree Angel “Blessings”

One of my favorite times to meet with God here is when the house is very quiet, early in the morning or late at night as everyone else has gone to bed, and I can enjoy being alone with Him.

Where’s your spot to pray? Your special spot can be anywhere. It doesn’t have to be the bedroom. It can be your den, your kitchen or dining room, your neighborhood or a hiking trail as you walk, your car prayer-mobile as you’re on the way to work, a mountain, the park, or your office cubicle. It can be while you’re cooking your family’s supper or folding laundry. Your heart is the holy altar. God is everywhere, all the time. He just wants to to meet with you each day and tell you how much He loves you.

Today find your own special spot with God. Talk to Him, friend to friend. Pour out your heart to Him – everything you’re feeling and thinking. He cares about every single detail of your day. Nothing is too big or small for Him. He loves you so much, and He just wants to be with you.

“Care basket” for your spot:

  • Favorite version Bible
  • Pen and paper (Sharpies ultra-fine, black pens are my fave!)
  • Prayer journal
  • Pens and colorful highlighters
  • Coffee or refreshing, cold drink
  • Concordance
  • Worship cd’s
  • Scented, fragrant candle if indoors
  • Hat and sunscreen if outdoors
  • Devotional books, such as Walking With God by yours truly, Oswald Chambers, C.S. Lewis, Elisabeth George, Elisabeth Elliott, Hannah Hurnard, Andrew Murray

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