Webinar With Bess Blanco and Beth Jones

Have you ever performed CPR on someone or watched someone else do it? My husband Ray is a paramedic and with God’s help and his great medical skills (over 20 years’ experience), he has saved many lives…meaning, yes, he has brought people back from death. When I asked him yesterday about his experiences with CPR, he shared one with me about a man who had called the paramedics for chest pain.

The man didn’t want to go to the hospital, because he was in denial that he was having a heart attack, as people sometimes are. But he finally agreed to go to the E.R. As Ray and the other medic were talking to him,  loading him into the ambulance, he started going into V-Fib (the heart quivering, which  is a sign that the heart is malfunctioning).

Ray immediately started CPR, then after about a minute, he put pads on him to shock him. This brought the man back to a bradycardia rhythm, which is a slow heart rate. Ray then treated him with lidocaine and atropine, intubated/bagged him (because he was in respiratory arrest), and at the hospital the man was life-flighted to a hospital for a cardiac catheterization.  The man is alive today because of God and Ray. 🙂

CPR saves lives. As believers in Christ, we need God’s life-saving, life-giving Word to save our lives and change our lives for the better.

Health Coach Bess Blanco

Health Coach Bess Blanco and I will be talking more about this power of God’s life-transforming word on her Family Health Matters radio show tomorrow at 10 a.m. Central Time (11 a.m. Eastern Time), and invite you to join us in the chat room here.

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