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Happy Thanksgiving, my Canadian friends

Today is Day 13 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Today, October 13, is also Canada’s Thanksgiving Day. I want to wish my dear Canadian friends a very happy Thanksgiving, especially Doreen Penner, Karen Wells, Helen Reimer, and Lynette Boudreaux.

Karen Wells, Doreen Penner, Beth Jones

Karen Wells, Doreen Penner, Beth Jones
Keynote Speakers, Walk Into Your Blessing Conference
Mitchelle, Manitoba, Canada

My friend Helen Reimer

My friend Helen Reimer

Lynette  Boudreaux and Karen Wells

Lynette Boudreaux and Karen Wells

I didn’t know it was Canada’s Thanksgiving Day, but today this is what I posted on¬†my Facebook business page:

“Heard the raindrops on the patio outside and felt the rain on my face today. See the leaves turning beautiful colors. Cooler sweater weather. Enjoying God’s creation. Thankful to be alive. Lead my steps today, Jesus.”

fall leaves

fall leaves

Canada was the first country to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was¬†proclaimed a national holiday in 1879.¬†Parliament called it “a day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed.”

It falls on the second Monday in October. Canada is further north than the U.S., so the harvest season is earlier in Canada. (Source:

When French settlers arrived in Canada,¬†explorer Samuel de Champlain established a thanksgiving feast, drawing upon the traditions of First Nations tribes and earlier explorers. He called the event ‚ÄúThe Order of Good Cheer.” (Source:¬†

It was first celebrated by the arctic explorer Martin Frobisher in 1578, more than 40 years before the Pilgrims arrived in America.

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving a lot like America does, with turkey, football, and family time. But they don’t see it as a kickoff to Christmas shopping. I like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time. Let’s just savor¬†this present moment, shall we?(Source:¬†

My Canadian friends, enjoy your holiday! God’s many blessings on you and Canada.¬†I love you!

If you are Canadian, please share what you typically do to celebrate your Thanksgiving. What’s your favorite foods for the meal? What activities do you enjoy with family and friends? What traditions do you celebrate as part of this day of Thanksgiving? Leave your comments below.





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