Quiet Time audio set

Are you tired of feeling guilty about not praying?

Do you want a closer relationship
with God, in just a few minutes a day?

Are you needing a quiet time with God each day, but don’t know how you can fit it into your busy, hectic schedule?

You don’t have to spend hours praying and reading the Bible every day.

You can develop a closer, intimate relationship with God in just a few minutes a day.

No more guilt. No more shame.

You can find fulfillment, peace, and joy by spending daily time with God, making it a delightful priority in your busy schedule.

Here’s how you can get relief:

Beth Jones’ quiet time devotional bundle set.

What Is this Audio Set Exactly?

1. You get seven downloadable, mp3 recordings to listen to at your computer, on your smart phone, on your Ipod, or on your Ipad.

2. The audios average 25 minutes in length.

3. The teachings cover each chapter of my book, Walking With God, but go more into depth about prayer.

4. This set gives you practical tips for establishing a daily quiet time with God.

5. From this devotional set, you’ll learn:

  • What prayer really is
  • Does God hear your prayers?
  • What you should do when your prayers aren’t being answered
  • Does Jesus still heal and do miracles today?
  • How you can have a quiet time with God in just a few minutes a day
  • Powerful testimonies of God answering prayer
  • Practical tips to set up a daily quiet time

You also get these BONUS gifts:

  • Journaling exercises. These are optional, to help you reflect on what you’ve learned.
  • Prayer tips for life application
  • Bonus articles about prayer
  • Bonus ebook, Having A Quiet Time Each Day¬†In The Midst Of A Noisy, Hectic, Rushed World
  • My Walking With God ebook
  • A 15-minute,¬†one-on-one¬†“prayer soaking time” with me to pray for your specific needs.

The entire bundle set is only $15.99!

It will give you the practical tools you need for setting up a quiet time with God and will encourage and motivate you to draw closer to Him each day.

After your purchase with Paypal, you’ll be taken to¬†a welcome¬†page to fill out your name and email address. When you fill out this information, then you’ll be taken to the download page, where you can immediately download the audio bundle set with¬†your gifts – even if it’s 3 a.m. on a Saturday.

What others are saying about this devotional set:

Beth’s product, “Quiet Time” audio set is awesome! Beth has such a sincere heart which comes through in everything she does. I loved the audios and all the Scriptures Beth shares. I appreciated all the stories Beth shares from her own life which really add so much to this series.The greatest benefit I received from this product is the DESIRE to have a better, more real relationship with God. After you read her eBook and listen to her audios, you too, will want that close, intimate relationship with God our Father that Beth so sincerely describes. Since reading and listening to Beth’s audios, I have started incorporating worship music into my quiet time that I have with God each morning. It has added a dimension to my quiet time that I believe will bring me more into God’s presence. I would highly recommend Beth’s “Quiet Time” audio series and eBook, “Walking with God” if you want to grow in your relationship with God.”

Laurie Neumann

Laurie Neumann

Christian Business Ethics

You get all this for less than the cost of a pizza delivered!

Just $15.99! (includes 7 mp3 audios and BONUS gifts!)

Take five. Pull away with God.

To order now, just click on the Paypal button below.


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