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Thank you very much for purchasing my book, Walking With God. I pray this book will encourage you to seek that deep intimacy with Jesus, and to help you in your daily walk with God. Remember, God is a mighty, prayer-answering God!

Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time from the date of your order.¬† I’d love to hear any¬†prayer requests, comments, or questions¬† from you on this book or on¬†my articles, blogs, and podcasts. I’d also love to hear any ideas from you for new articles, blogs, radio shows, or books, that you would like to read or hear.¬† What are your needs and wants?¬† What are your topics of interest?¬† Your feedback is very important to me!¬† ¬†You can email me personally at

Thanks again so much, and the Lord bless you!

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