Promises In The Dark

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Has someone ever given you a promise and then broken it – and your heart?

Have you tried to fill that black hole inside of you with sex, drugs, and worldly success – only to be left disappointed and hurt?

Did you think the “answer” to your problem was abortion, adultery, or alcohol – then realized later it was a lie and had deep regret?

The world promises you so much and leaves you empty.

God’s promises are for real and forever.

Promises In The Dark: One Woman's Search for Authentic Love

Introducing Beth Jones’ book

Promises In The Dark:

One Woman’s Search for Authentic Love

Sex. Success. Money. Alcohol. Drugs. Education. Entertainment. Being the best spouse or parent. You have tried many different things that the world offers and promises to give you happiness, but they have left you empty and unsatisfied.

Always searching, never finding what you’re looking for.

But there is One whose promises you can count on and who will fulfill you.  God’s promises are for real and forever.

Beth Jones

Beth Jones

Beth Jones is a woman who was searching for authentic love. Transparently sharing her painful, arduous journey of childhood abuse, 3 abortions, and adulterous relationships to the strong faith she has today in Jesus Christ which sustained her through the fiercest storms, Beth’s story is one that epitomizes Isaiah 43:2: “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.”

Beth guides you on a journey of discovery that Jesus is Authentic Love and you can always trust God’s promises.

What Readers are Saying
Promises In The Dark  is Beth’s life story of warfare and triumph. She shares parts of her life that not many would admit, only for the glory of God. Beth is brilliant in showing that no matter how hard or terrifying life may get, God is always present with unconditional love that no human can give. Promises In The Dark enlightens you with the power of God’s Word and promises that confronts all darkness.
~ Rochelle Valasek, Doctor of Divinity, Speaker/Author/Spiritual Health Coach,


Beth’s book Promises In The Dark is a powerful testimony to the love of God for His children. Beth has managed to drag the dark secrets and sins from her past into the amazing light of Christ’s forgiveness and faithfulness. She shows us that God is patient and merciful; He extends His hope to those of us in the grips of sin. God’s promises transcend what the world offers us; in Christ alone we find the unconditional love and acceptance that validates our worth and value. Beth’s book is an honest look at how the trauma of abuse, sin and deception kept her captive. Thank God the story doesn’t end there, for her or any of us. A very worthwhile read for anyone who struggles to overcome the world’s lies and wants to reach for the promises of God.
~ Maria Willis, MS, Clinical Psychology, Valdosta, GA


Beth Jones is a living example of how God can take the most tragic circumstances in life and turn them around for His glory. Promises In The Dark  is an inspiring true testimony revealing how hollow and devastating the world’s promises can be compared to the faithful and everlasting promises of God. It is a beautifully written, transparent, autobiographical work that will encourage you to evaluate and break free from the false worldly promises of your past and inspire you to seek God and His true promises for your life.
~ Kimberly Weber, Homeschooling mom and Homeschool Portfolio Evaluator, Jacksonville, FL


Beth reveals the many false “promises in the dark” she believed as she searched for love in all the wrong places. She shares her hurts, pains, and life choices with truthfulness and transparency. For any woman who is seeking freedom from the impact of childhood abuse, abortion, or adultery, Beth’s testimony of hope can also be yours. Promises In The Dark  is summed up in Beth’s statement, “God also whispers you promises in the dark, but His promises are the real thing.
~ Karen Wells, M.Div., Karis Counselling Services, B.C., Canada,


Promises in the Dark by Beth Jones offers hope to others in a similar situation, whether it is choices of their own doing or by choices of others. In Promises in the Dark, Beth opens up her heart to the reader and bares it all; and through it all, she shares her journey of finding true freedom in Christ. Her story touched my heart because I could so relate. Take the time to read this powerful book by a very talented author.
~ Angie Webb, Speaker/Blogger/Writer,


When I first heard Beth Jones speak, I knew I had come in contact with a woman who was overflowing with godly wisdom and fire for the Lord. I wouldn’t have guessed then that she has suffered so many dark trials, beginning in childhood. I am now honored to call Beth my friend, and to continue learning from and being encouraged by her. This book, Promises In The Dark, is Beth’s testimony to how God can and does give beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning, and a heart of praise for despair. He lifts those who mourn and makes them “Oaks of Righteousness” for the display of His splendor. Thank you Beth, for following His lead and sharing your story with us. I pray that God will lead many to healing as a result of reading your testimony.”
~ Beth Cranford, wife, author and blogger,

Powerful. Riveting. Raw.

Promises In The Dark: One Woman’s Search for Authentic Love  is more than a memoir; it is a beautiful, triumphant story revealing the depths of pain and the ravages caused by humanity’s sin, while also showcasing the healing, miraculous power of God’s redeeming love and forgiveness.

As Beth writes in this book, she is God’s Message In A Bottle, His treasure in a fragile clay jar.

Beth shares about God’s grace poured out on her, His mercy new every morning…even when she didn’t deserve it. Especially  when she didn’t deserve it. You can experience this life-transforming love, too.

There is One whose promises you can trust. His name is God. He is faithful and true.” – Beth Jones, Promises In The Dark: One Woman’s Search for Authentic Love

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Beth Jones, International Speaker/Author

Beth Jones
International Speaker/Author

Beth Jones, International Speaker/Author