Social Media…Strategize for Success Webinar

Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest all day – but you aren’t getting the RESULTS you’d like in your business?

Would you like to learn how to be more STRATEGIC on social media to accelerate your business GROWTH and PROFITS?

Do you need tips for harnessing the POWER of social media to increase your online VISIBILITY and IMPACT?

Beth Jones’ Webinar

Social Media…Strategize for Success!

with Arika Lewis, Your Ministry Marketing Mentor

Tuesday, October 30 at 10 a.m. CDT

Arika Lewis,

Did you know these shocking social media facts?

  • Social media and blogs reach 80% of all active internet users (there’s 245 million)
  • One in every 7 minutes online is spent on Facebook
  • 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic and 71% generate more quality leads

The key is not to use social media more, but to use it more strategically !

What you’ll take away from this webinar:

  • Quick & easy techniques you can implement TODAY to increase your followers/fans with people who are actually interested in what you have to offer!
  • Reach your market and keep them engaged in what you have to say on FB, Twitter, & Pinterest without spending all day online: 10-20 minutes a day is all you need!
  • Content repurposing and how to use it effectively in your social media strategy!

BONUS GIFT! You’ll receive a sample 2 week social media planning schedule/checklist with your purchase.
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