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Skinny jeans solution for life

Skinny jeans If I wear skinny jeans, will they really make me look skinny? This is the question I posted on Facebook this week.

Recently I bought some skinny jeans. While sometimes I feel more like the fat-bottomed girls that Queen sang about in the 80’s and I can’t say that I feel “skinny” in them, I do feel slimmer. Combined with my new grey Marilyn Monroe shirt and short black boots with fur, I even feel sexy for Ray.

Skinny jeans are the cure to a fast skinny. The key is finding some that you can actually fit into! :O Listen, if I can, you can!

Do you ever wish you could find the skinny jeans solution for life? You know, things like:

  • Marriage conflicts
  • Problems with your kids
  • Financial struggles
  • Stress
  • Health issues
  • Friends being too “busy”
  • Working with unprofessional people
  • _________ (you name it).

There is a skinny jean solution. His name is Jesus.

Try Him on for size. He fits just right.

Whatever you’re struggling with today, He’s there and can help.