Unveiled: Share Your Gifts Webinar

Do you know what your unique gifts and talents are?

Are you using your gifts, talents, and skills to their fullest potential-or hiding?

Are you being everything God created you to be-or are you holding back from fear, uncertainty, or limiting beliefs?

It’s time to be unveiled and share your gifts with your sphere of powerful influence!

Unveiled: Share Your Gifts Webinar

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 a.m. CST/11 p.m. EST

Beth Jones


Imagine all your best friends coming over for your birthday party.

The table is set with fun decorations, your favorite cake is baked, and there’s gifts-lots and lots of gifts that your friends bought just for you!

They know your tastes and what you love.

And they can’t wait for you to open your presents and to see the big smile on your face!

But you never open the beautiful gifts.

You just admire the decorations, eat your cake and ice cream, and then put all the gifts away on the top shelf of your closet.

“I’ll open and use them later,” you tell them. “Thanks so much for coming to my party.”

They are crushed!

What good did it do for your friend to pick out such a special present if you aren’t going to use and enjoy it-and even share it with others?

Did you know that God feels the same way about the spiritual gifts He has put inside of you?

You’ve been hiding far too long.
It’s time for the veil to come off!

Now is the time for the world to fully see God’s radiant beauty in you-His glorious gifts.

God hand chose the gifts that He wanted you to have before you were even born!

Now is your appointed time – to use and share the gifts God put inside of you, for all those within your sphere of powerful influence!

Your unique gifts can touch lives and make a real difference IF you discover what they are and use them for God’s glory!

What you can expect at this 20-minute webinar:

  • Short and sweet. The webinar will last about 20 minutes. We’re all busy these days, and I value your time and attention.
  • There’s no charge to attend this webinar. It’s free.
  • Make new online friends and business network connections in the chat room.
  • Webinar replay for all who sign up, available within 48 hours afterward.
  • Unveiling of my newest, exciting G.I.F.T.S. process, coming fall 2012. My business coach called it “brilliant and amazing” when I shared the outline with her. Now, aren’t you curious to see? 🙂

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Beth Jones


Beth Jones


Email: elizabethdjones@gmail.com