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A lesson from a pedicure

Slippah Time by marieduval, on Pix-O-Sphere

It’s now spring and when it’s a little warmer, it¬†will be time to get out those flip flops and have a pretty¬†pedicure!¬†

I had the first pedicure of my entire life last year. Our oldest daughter Heather treated me. We picked up a coffee and went to a place run by an Oriental staff,¬†who spoke to each other in their native tongue the entire time we were having our pedicure. I wondered if they were saying, “She didn’t shave her legs real well” or “She picked an ugly color.”¬†

The pedicure was relaxing,¬†for the most part, other than when the girl exfoliated the¬†dry skin and filed my toenails. (I have VERY low pain tolerance.) She would look up from my feet,¬†say with a thick accent, “S’okay, S’okay!”, and then turn to her co-worker and say something in their language that I couldn’t understand – probably, “What does she expect? Her toenails are REALLY long!”

They soaked our feet in warm soapy water and massaged our legs, which are the most relaxing part. Then they removed the dry, dead skin; filed and shaped the nails; and then painted them. We were offered an option to have a little, colorful flower painted on the big toe nail, which Heather and I both agreed to because we love flowers. The flower was my favorite part.  Our toes looked so cute!

Just as the nail technician sloughed off dry, dead skin, sometimes in our hearts and lives there are things that need to be removed. Things like:

  • unforgiveness
  • jealousy or envy
  • rejection
  • pride
  • impatience
  • discontent
  • name your area of struggle.

As we come to God in prayer, asking God to show us any area of stain and we repent, the power of Jesus’ blood will remove it. Just as we want to “show off” our pretty new toenails after a pedicure, God wants to “show off” the beauty of His agape love and His glory in us, His children.

So buy you a pretty pair of sandals or cute flip flops, and start walking with God today. ūüôā


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