When storms come: how Satan uses storms to destroy your purpose

Yesterday, today and this week, severe thunderstorms are predicted for the mid-west and other states, with lightning, hail, high winds, and the possibility of tornadoes. Storms can be deadly, as the Tri-State Tornado was in March 1925, the worst tornado in US history, killing 625 people, injuring over 2,000 and leaving almost $2 billion in damage.

In our lives we face spiritual storms as well – financial problems, job loss, marriage difficulties, children being sick, business struggles, health issues, relationship tensions, ministry challenges, etc. These storms are all designed to hinder or destroy your purpose and anointing from God.  Join Beth Jones for her podcast, When Storms Come: How Satan Uses Storms to Destroy Your Purpose.

Just click on the link below to download it by mp3.

When Storms Come – Download by mp3

Would you rather read this? Just click on the link below to download the pdf.

When Storms Come – Download pdf



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