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Held by God

It’s been a week for prayer with Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, and a friend of our family’s dying suddenly in a motorcycle accident (Jim Maher – incredible worship leader with a firey passion for Christ. He played the beautiful song “Famous One” at our daughter Heather’s wedding. You can read a tribute to Jim at this blog post tribute by Tom Stuart.). Just now¬†I¬†got a text that a two-year-old girl¬†with leukemia, who we’d been praying for,¬†just passed away.

With tragic situations like this, it seems that things would come into clearer focus. And yet we’re such flawed human beings. We get distracted from what really matters.

The little frustrations each day drive us crazy. We fight with our spouse, get mad at the driver who’s tailing us, stress out over losing our debit card or cell phone (again!), and fret about the extra pounds on the scale.

Why don’t we just get a grip – knock it off? When are we ever going to grow up?

I’m thankful that God is so patient with me and extends grace as He watches me grow, like we do our own¬†beautiful, precious children and grandchildren. I’m grateful that God holds me securely in His arms.

Please keep the people of¬†Japan, our friend Jim’s family, and the little girl’s family in your prayers.

In memory of those in Japan who have died, our dear friend Jim Maher, and the two year old girl with leukemia, here is a video tribute with the song Held by Natalie Grant:

Video of Held – Natalie Grant



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