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Today after I went grocery shopping, I went through Sonic’s drive-thru to get a cold drink – and I couldn’t find my debit card in my zebra-striped purse with its endless contents – wallet, pens, change purse, numerous receipts, cell phone, FLIP recorder, etc. I had just used the card at the grocery store, and knew it had to be in there. So I took a second to pray and I heard God’s still, small voice: “It’s in your wallet.”  Sure enough, it was there, tucked away in a place where I hadn’t seen it.  This is the stuff that drives me crazy; it’s certainly not the first time I thought I’ve lost my debit card. (Other times, I really did lose it!)

Yet God uses these little things in life to teach us more patience, and ultimately more trust in Him. The little foxes do spoil the vineyard, but when things like this happen, we need to take just a minute and chill out – and pray. But how often do we do this?  What is our usual response to those daily frustrations and irritations?  Yeah, me, too!  Me praying so quickly isn’t something I always do!

Let’s not let these little things get to us so easily and forget the great blessings God gives us every day!

On my way home after this incident, something funny happened. I heard the song, This Is The Stuff, by Francesca Battistelli. I had already heard it a couple of times in the last couple of weeks on K-Love, but it was so approrpriate right then!  (I really relate to it!)  I laughed, turned the radio up loud, sang along, and really enjoyed it.  It was like God winking at me and laughing with me over how silly it is to get frustrated over such little things!

Here is the video below with the lyrics. Enjoy!

Video of This Is The Stuff




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  1. This is funny, Beth. I just bought a new purse and wallet yesterday and spent about an hour organizing them–because I kept losing things in my purse! I had to dig and dig to find anything–embarrassing in public : ). When I was done, I had a plastic grocery bag half full of trash to throw away that had been in the old purse! My hubby was shocked at all the trash I had been toting around. So, I totally understand what you’re saying.

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