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How well are you connected – when you’re not?

Why does Ray always want to talk to me after I’ve started falling asleep? Last night I was just dozing off into a wonderful dream when he said, “The internet is back on.”

Of course, it was good news. I was relieved because I’m having a webinar on Thursday, Feb. 2, with Rochelle Valasek ~ and I need the internet! (Are you signed up yet? It’s going to be so good and fun!)

This weekend our internet company had a statewide outage. We were without internet service for two days. When I told my friends of our dilemma, two of them who are addicted to the internet said:

“I’d go insane!”

“I think I’d die!”

Extreme times call for extreme measures. I was forced yesterday to go to McDonald’s for wi-fi to do my work. (The caramel mocha was not forced.)

While I was there, a nice, elderly couple sat beside me. So nice, in fact, that they tried to talk to me the entire time while I was working. They shared about their daughter who works for Farmer’s Insurance – “but not the insurance part, she does the computer work,” the woman was sure to tell me, twice. They said the daughter traveled 70 miles each day to get to work, but worked two days from home on her computer.

This couple lived six miles out in the country, and were not able to get internet service at all where they lived.

“What do you do?” I asked, aghast.

They live without it. Can you imagine? They call family and friends, invite them over for dinner, or go to see them. You know, the old-fashioned way.

What  a concept.

How well connected are you with family and friends – when you’re not connected (online)?

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