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The Clay Fully Surrendered to the Potter

Right now I’m sitting in McDonald’s, drinking the last delicious dregs of my Caramel Mocha, the only thing that makes this situation even slightly tolerable. Our internet service has been down at home since Thursday night, as our internet company is having problems with the server. They had a statewide outage and are trying to repair it this weekend.

I have been trying to NOT freak out because I have a webinar with Rochelle Valasek next week on Thursday, February 2, and am praying it is fixed way before then. I believe in faith it will be.  (Are you signed up yet for it? It’s going to be anointed and fun! Click here to save your spot!  Best of all, it is at no cost to you and there will be a replay if you can’t attend the live event!)

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control:

  • Marriage or other relationship problems;
  • Financial crisis or job loss/layoff;
  • Health issues;
  • Conflicts with a friend, boss, co-worker, or peer;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Car accident;
  • ___________________ (You name your crisis or unexpected event.)

No matter what is going on, we can trust and know that God the Potter has everything in His hands. So often we try to resist the “shaping” God is doing in our lives. When a piece of clay is put on the pottery wheel, it must be completely centered for the Potter to be able to shape it into the vessel He wants. If it is not perfectly centered, it can fall apart on the wheel.

Being “centered” to God our Potter means we are fully surrendered to Him. Right now I want our internet at home fixed. It’s so inconvenient to be here at McDonald’s. But I have to trust that God is using even this to teach me to wait patiently on Him to work on my behalf.

The clay can’t jump off the pottery wheel, having enough of this shaping business. No, it must yield. We must yield to and trust God, knowing that He’s got it all under control!

What area of your life do you need to surrender to God the Potter?

Join Rochelle Valasek and me for our upcoming webinar, Thursday, February 2, at 2:30 p.m. Central Time. Just click here to sign up. We’d love to see you there in the chat room!



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