Take care of your soul

“My soul has grown deep like the rivers.” – Langston Hughes

What is the soul? We as humans are a triune being. We’re made up of three parts: our spirit, which is eternal and which will reside in either heaven or hell, depending on our relationship with Jesus Christ; our physical body; and our soul, made up of our mind, will, and emotions. 

Katie Souza

Katie Souza

Author and speaker Katie Souza has a powerful testimony of being a drug dealer and addict and criminal, who was radically saved by God in prison.

She asked God this question: “If Your word is true and You promise we are to live full, prosperous, and healthy lives, why are so many of us sick, unhappy and incomplete?” 


God gave her an incredible revelation that wounds aren’t just physical; the health of your soul is connected to life. Soul wounds hold us back from physical and emotional healing, close relationships, prosperity, career/ministry success, and much more.

She has been healed and personally witnessed many lives changed when people receive healing in their souls. 

woman in rain

woman in rain

Sounds good to me! I’m doing two things lately to take care of my soul. 

Diane & Herb Bishop

Diane & Herb Bishop

#1, I’m reading Katie’s book and doing an online Bible study with my anointed friends Diane and Herb Bishop. You can buy Katie’s book at Amazon here.

You can watch Diane’s and Herb’s teachings about Katie’s book on their YouTube channel, Kingdom Builders, here.


My husband Ray and me on his 50th birthday

My husband Ray and me

#2, I’m in professional Christian therapy with my husband Ray. Last year I sought counseling for our marriage. That therapist referred us to a church with professional therapists for intense individual therapy.

I was in Christian counseling once a week for five years when I met Ray, dealing with the pain of my childhood sexual and physical abuse, adulterous affairs, and 3 abortions.

Ray and I have been to many different pastors and therapists through the 25 years of our marriage, to no avail. Our broken marriage broke our three beautiful, precious daughters and now they must heal. This is why you see patterns of dysfunction in families for generations. I’m praying this time in counseling works!

We alternate weeks, with Ray going alone to see our therapist one week and me going the next week. But in order for our marriage to be healthy, we as individuals need to become healed and whole. This includes the healing of my soul. Right now I’m working on me.

fresh sunflowers

fresh sunflowers

Other ways how I’m intentionally taking care of my soul are:

  • Spending time in prayer, reading the Bible, and worship/praise daily;
  • Doing things I love–spending time with our kids and grandkids, going new places, eating chips and salsa, watching chic flics, journaling, reading, decorating with and smelling fresh flowers, looking at art and God’s magnificent, beautiful nature;
  • Talking with my sister Maria and my friends;
  • Exercise (walking/slow jogging at the track several times a week);
  • Eating healthy, as the spirit-body-soul connection is strong;
  • Listening to music;
  • Petting my black cat with green eyes, Natalya;
  • Purposely laughing (Proverbs 17:22). Laughter builds the immune system, relieves tension, combats illness, positively affect hormones (raising DHEA which has anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-obesity effects and can enhance mental abilities), facilitates peace, and decreases stress;
  • Using my spiritual gifts for God and fulfilling my purpose (my Divine assignment).

In what ways are you healing your soul?

I highly recommend reading Katie’s book and watching Diane’s and Herb’s YouTube channel on this study.




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