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It’s Friday evening, sunset. Today hasn’t been super busy, but steady. I dropped off Ray at work early (we have one car), had my morning joe with prayer and reading the Bible, petted my black cat Natalya a long time, then walked and slow jogged at the track.

Our adorable grandson Jacob

Our adorable grandson Jacob

This afternoon I picked up our grandson Jacob and dropped him off at our daughter Eden’s house, hung out with her chatting a bit (watching Piper eat a slice of pizza and Willow sitting up in her baby chair & gooing), and then came home to dry a load of laundry as Eden’s dryer broke yesterday! Not something she needs right now, having just started a new job, with a baby, an active toddler who loves getting into everything, and her sweet but rambunctious son who gets easily bored when not at school!

Craig & Eden

Craig (Eden’s husband & our son-in-law) & our middle daughter Eden


Eden & Piper

Eden & her “busy bee” toddler daughter, Piper


Eden & Willow

Eden & her baby girl Willow

This week I tackled my email inbox, which is quite a feat; emails had snowballed and I became overwhelmed trying to deal with them! I deleted and filed over 17,500 emails, and archived the rest to get emails down to zero. Now I can rest my mind!

Today I also changed my website theme at I do this whenever I feel restless, bored, frustrated, or any number of emotions. At least it’s better than eating too much chocolate!

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting

I chose a beautiful sunflower picture for my website header, after writing my most recent book that has a cover of a sunflower and an orange butterfly. You can find that book here at Amazon. (It’s called Metamorphosis: Transformed From Despair to Hope)

Sunflowers track the sun. The flower buds and young blossoms will face east in the morning and follow the sun as the earth moves during the day. Even so, may you and I always lift our faces toward and follow the Son and the Light, Jesus. He is the King & is coming soon.



The navigation is a little different than my last theme, but you can find the main pages at the top of the page.

woman drinking juice

woman on laptop

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Beth Jones, International Speaker Amazon Best Seller Author

Beth Jones, International Speaker
Amazon Best Seller Author




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