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The waiting room

Leah in waiting room at her physical therapist’s office

Have you ever been in a hospital or doctor waiting room or in a line for a long time? It’s hard. I am there now. So is our beautiful, precious daughter Leah.

As you may have read, near Christmas 2019, Leah fell on ice and snow in her driveway at her rental home and it broke the fibula in her right ankle, which required surgery. It is not an easy, quick fix for the fibula to heal, especially after surgery. The surgeon put a heavy, thick, black boot on her ankle during surgery and ordered her to elevate her ankle most of the time and rest as much as possible. He said that she could not work or drive for at least 6 to 8 weeks, maybe longer. 

Leah's heavy black ankle boot

Leah’s heavy black ankle boot

Initially Leah stayed three weeks with Ray and me after her surgery for us to watch over her (Ray has been a paramedic over 30 years) and to help her by cooking meals, washing her laundry, dispensing her pain medication as needed, taking her to her post-surgery appointments, etc.  She’s now back at her house, recovering.

Leah at our house with her ankle elevated, pre-surgery

Leah at our house with her ankle elevated, pre-surgery

I still help her as much as I can, taking her to doctor and physical therapy appointments, running errands, etc. She is still in her heavy, black ankle boot and she still can’t drive or work.

But yesterday she accomplished a major milestone: Leah is now at 50% weight-bearing on her ankle. She is on her way to walking again! Leah is doing amazing! Praise You, JESUS!

Leah at physical therapy, at 50% weight-bearing on her ankle


Leah at physical therapy with her therapist Sam, who rocks!

Leah’s physical therapist Sam rocks! When Leah’s surgeon Dr. Carroll ordered physical therapist as part of her post-surgery treatment, I began praying for God to hand-pick her physical therapist and I truly believe He did! Sam is so nice, very knowledgeable, and funny. He makes Leah and me laugh with his quick wit.

He is a very positive person who speaks LIFE over her, for which I’m extremely thankful. I always agree with him out loud, “Yes!”, when he encourages her that she’ll be walking in no time and just fine!

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” (Proverbs 18:21, ESV)

Leah on one crutch, using 50% weight-bearing on her ankle

 Yesterday Sam had Leah walk with both her crutches and then one crutch, using 50% weight-bearing on her right ankle, as she walked along the indoor sidewalk with parallel bars and around the inside of the clinic. This is not easy after you haven’t been walking for months.

Leah at physical therapy, 50% weight-bearing

One difficult thing is maintaining your balance. She didn’t want to fall over and then put all her weight on her broken ankle, as that could re-injure her. But she did great! She was so excited to reach this progress of 50% weight-bearing.

Two other exercises Sam taught her how to do to strengthen her ankle was squats, rising from a sitting position and putting 50% of the weight on her right ankle (about 15 repetitions at a time, to be done throughout the day). She also puts a blue, tied elastic band inside a door (closing it) and wraps the other end underneath her knee. Then she raises up her ankle/leg for 15 to 20 repetitions at a time, doing the exercises repeatedly during the day.

Sam showing Leah how to tie the elastic band to raise and lower her ankle

Leah doing “squats,” standing up from sitting position

Yesterday before her physical therapy appointment, Leah and I met my daughter Heather at Panera Bread for lunch. It was so good to see Heather, as she works full-time, takes care of her two daughters and her fiance Andy’s three kids, and is always busy. I was so happy to spend time with my beautiful, precious daughters!

My precious, beautiful daughters! Leah, Heather, and me at Panera Bread for lunch

The broccoli cheddar soup and 1/2 turkey-bacon-avocado sandwich I ordered was delicious! Leah and Heather also ordered the “Pick 2” option. Heather ordered the Turkey Bravo sandwich and potato soup, and Leah ordered the steak and cheddar sandwich with mac & cheese. 

Delicious Panera Bread lunch

This week at Heather’s workplace (a convenience store), an armed man barricaded himself in the bathroom. Thank God that Heather had already left work two hours earlier, and no one was hurt in the incident. The man had intended to hang himself in the bathroom, but I think he may have had plans to shoot people first. The police managed to get the assistant manager and all the employees safely out of the store, and took the man into police custody. This is WHY I pray the blood of Jesus over me and my family every day!

Pray the blood of Jesus over you & loved ones daily

As we chatted, Leah talked about the annoyance of her numerous attempts to get state or federal government assistance for her rent, utility bills, food, and medical bills. The government websites are difficult to navigate and confusing. When you call the phone number, you’re on hold for sometimes half an hour or longer. Leah has already received one denial for assistance, even though she’s physically unable to work (on her surgeon’s orders), and has run into obstacles trying to contact other agencies. I’m praying God intervenes in her situation. He will provide for her!

I told Heather that I feel Leah is trying to rush the process of healing her ankle and is being impatient. She really wants her boot off (she has to wear it 8 to 10 weeks post-surgery to protect it) and to drive and to work again. Heather laughed when I said that I understand Leah is tired of her mom “toting” her around, as she puts it.

The waiting room is a difficult place to be. Yet how often God has us in that place to grow our faith in the dark and to teach us to trust totally in Him. 

Leah and Heather.
Leah feels impatient.

I know Leah is tired of using her little green “knee walker” scooter (which I think is an incredible invention! It has helped her to get around so much easier than her crutches!), as well as the crutches. I know she wants to work and drive on her own, and to do the things she’s used to doing. I’ve encouraged her that this is just for a season, God is going to heal her, and she will soon be walking again. Please continue to pray for Leah’s complete, speedy healing. 

Leah at Hobby Lobby on her green scooter

I know it’s hard for Leah. There are things that I am waiting on in my own life. Things I’ve prayed for years and I’ve been waiting a long time. I have felt impatient, too, and at times I’ve been very discouraged that it seems to be taking so long. God’s timing is not like ours. You wonder if your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and if God even hears your prayers. He does. Don’t give up! Keep the faith in Him and continue praying to God. You will soon see victory through faith in Jesus!

me & our precious daughter Leah at Jose Pepper’s restaurant having lunch


Are you in the waiting room? Don’t quit praying. God loves you and He hears your prayers, and will answer. Check out my book on prayer, Walking With God, available for sale at Amazon here.

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Two hours in the sun for doughnuts!

Hurts Doughnuts

Hurts Doughnuts

Recently our daughter Heather asked me to go buy her a dozen doughnuts for her and her coworkers from Hurts Doughnuts Company, a mobile specialty doughnut business which was going to be in Harrisonville, Missouri, about 20 miles north of where I live.

Their motto means you eat so many of their delicious doughnuts, that it hurts! On a regular day, they will sell between 8,000 to 10,000 donut, with more than 70 doughnut variations such as their S’mores, Snickers, and Cookie Monster doughnuts. The Springfield store is open 24 hours a day. 

Hurts Donuts

Hurts Donuts

They deliver the donuts in an “Wham-bulance,” an ambulance and a U-Haul. Based out of Springfield, Missouri, the business is now coming to the Kansas City, MO, area, which Heather is very excited about.



Being the nice mom I am, I said okay, unsuspecting of what I’d endure. Heather told me to get there early as the buzz was building already. I planned to arrive at 11:00 a.m. since they would open at 12 noon, located in the parking lot of a tire company.

I thought that an hour was a long time to wait, but when I arrived, I found out that the people who were first in line had been camping out in the parking lot since 8 a.m. that morning…for doughnuts!

I could not believe it! This is how long the line was when I got there. Even more people were in back of me. CRAZY! (God gave me favor and I was able to get a parking spot right in front immediately! Go, God!)

line in parking lot

line in parking lot

To top it off, it was really hot that day. Only the great LOVE I have for my daughter Heather could make me do such a thing, as I hate heat and hate waiting! I did come prepared, though, with a hat, sunblock, and shades!

me waiting in the hot sun

me waiting in the hot sun

Fortunately, the employees were handing out free bottles of cold water from Country Club Bank and Price Chopper to the customers. I accepted two of them, and was so thankful!

One of them was the owner’s sister, who is in the pic below in the pink T-shirt with their company logo. She was videoing everyone in line with Facebook Live.  She told me about the people at the start of the line, who’d been waiting there since 8 a.m.

She also said the company was bringing a U-Haul with more doughnuts as there were more customers in line than they anticipated: 250 people at her last count. I texted this to Heather, who laughed and said this was insane. I agree! 

A missionary friend of mine, Ron Hedrick of Global Community Outreach, who lives in Guatemala with his wife Rhonda, their son Jeremiah, and who have adopted 10 Guatemalan children, saw my pics on Facebook and said, “This scares me.” It should. Would people wait in line this long in the hot sun to hear a message about Jesus Christ or be baptized? [I encourage you to donate to Ron and Rhonda’s ministry in Guatemala as they do amazing, selfless work for Christ there.]

sister of owner

sister of owner


free bottle of cold water

free bottle of cold water

A few things helped me to wait it out: an occasional cool breeze and a customer who was sitting in her truck nearby with the window open and the radio playing some good music. My motto whenever you go anywhere or do something new is, “Have fun and take lots of pics!”

I  entertained myself by talking to others in line, watching the little kids play happily, and taking pics to post on this blog, Facebook, and my new Instagram page. (I messed up my IG account when I updated my iPhone to the 7, and had to create a brand new Instagram account because the name”Beth Jones” was already taken! I lost all my previous followers, so I’m rebuilding it again. I invite you to follow me there.)  

The kids’ faces were turning red from the heat, but they didn’t seem to mind it and chased each other, laughing. The little girl in the dress with braids was so adorable. I was reminded of how fast my own children (3 daughters) had grown up and of Matthew 19:14, NASB:

But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

little boys playing

little boys playing

happy kids

happy kids

Turns out it was too hot to wait that long for the young mom with a whiny toddler and a fussy baby in a stroller right in front of me, so she left, deciding to go for an ice cream with them instead. Smart idea!

young mom with kids

young mom with kids

One of the varieties that Hurts Donuts is famous for is their bacon maple doughnut. I love bacon, but who on earth would want bacon on a doughnut? Apparently a lot of people, as it is one of their best sellers!

I bought a Snickers and a cheesecake doughnut for Heather, other types of doughnuts to make a dozen and a half for her and her coworkers to share, and a bacon maple one for her coworkers to sample. She told me later that it wasn’t her cup of tea. Mine, either! I tried the chocolate one with chocolate frosting and it tasted DIVINE!

bacon maple doughnut

bacon maple doughnut

I was very concerned about the girl standing in front of me in line, whose neck was getting badly sunburned. The pic doesn’t do the fire-redness justice.

girl with sunburned neck

girl with sunburned neck

One of the employees passing out water, who told me that he works at the corporate office (in the hat and T-Shirt at the table in the pic below), said they had been up since 1 a.m. to prepare for this event.

He and another gal working at the table under the Country Club Bank tent told me that they “loved” my LOVE hat. They were really friendly people.

Hurts Donuts employees

Hurts Donuts employees

Observing the long line of customers, I estimated that the average customer would buy a dozen doughnuts at $15 a box. (I bought 2 dozen total, plus the bacon maple.) There were 250 people in line, so that is $3,750 made in just a few hours! Whoa!

When I asked the corporate employee how on earth they manage to get this many people to buy their doughnuts, he said it’s all about the marketing: social media and live streaming. (Facebook Live–have you tried it? I haven’t yet, but maybe I need to! Or maybe I should start selling great doughnuts!)

Heather was appreciative that I did this for her. She told me that her coworkers said I am an “awesome mom.” I’m glad that I made my daughter happy and that someone thinks I’m awesome!

Me & my beautiful, precious daughter Heather with her doughnuts!

Me & my beautiful, precious daughter Heather with her doughnuts!

I also bought some for our family. I stopped by to drop them off after I took Heather hers. Below are pics of our granddaughters Annabelle and Violet, who enjoyed their doughnuts as well. 

Annabelle & Violet with their doughnuts

Annabelle & Violet with their doughnuts



Our precious & silly granddaughter Annabelle

Violet with her cute messy bun

Our red-headed granddaughter Violet with her cute messy bun

Heather suggested that I take pics of this unusual, funny event and blog about it, so here goes my take on it. I decided to blog about it from a business perspective:

  • Sell what people want, not what they need, as your product. (They wanted sugar!)
  • It’s all about the marketing and building buzz by word of mouth. (Take advantage of social media & live streaming.)
  • People will wait a long time, even in the heat or cold winter, for a good offer. (Several hours in the hot sun!)
  • Be creative and offer a variety of products. (Examples: Bacon maple, Cookie Monster, chocolate with sprinkles or Fruit Loops, caramel drizzle, Snickers, or cheesecake doughnuts.)
  • Connect and network with other business owners. Don’t be a lone ranger biz owner. (Country Club Bank and Price Chopper helped Hurts Donuts  with the tent and the water.)
  • Be friendly and good to your customers. (Employees live streaming to built anticipation, passing out free bottles of cold water & making sure their customers were okay in the heat.)
  • Have fun at what you’re doing! (The employees joking around with their customers as they waited.)
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Cover art: Copyright 2016 Beth Jones

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Have you heard of Hurts Donuts before? Ever waited this long for one or something else? What do you think of this? Leave your comments below.