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You were created to be a woman of influence

Born To Be Different book graphic

Have you always felt like you didn’t fit in with the crowd? Always on the outside looking in? That’s how I’ve felt my entire life. 

Several years ago, I began realizing that God did this on purpose. I wasn’t made to be a cookie cutter person. Neither were you.

You and I were created by God not to fit in, but to stand out. To stand apart. To be a woman of influence and impact. To lead others.

It’s time for you to embrace and celebrate your uniqueness.

Learn more in LaToya Gay’s upcoming book, Born To Be Different:  Empowering Stories From Young Women Who Overcame The Odds of the World To Make a Kingdom Impact. You can visit and like the Facebook page by clicking here

I am honored to be one of the contributing authors to the book. There are 7 women over 30 and 7 women under 30 contributing chapters to this exciting book project, that is launching February 2015.



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