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Pointing up to Jesus

Megan and her sissy, Hadassah

For those of you who followed my blogs this past year on my friends Pat and Kim Weber in Florida, who adopted the Chinese, special-needs girl by a miracle of God, I wanted to let you know that Kim emailed me and Hadassah has bonded very well with the family and is doing just great! 

Hadassah was born with a defect to her hand.  Kim used to teach in a Catholic elementary school, and they now homeschool their children. Kim is an amazing teacher, and her three children excel in their studies.  I have no doubt that Hadassah will be above average, too, with Kim as her mommy and teacher! 

When I flew to Florida to babysit their children while they flew to China, I watched Kim teach a classroom of young girls the “American Girls” history studies at the homeschool co-op the day before they left for China.¬† The girls loved it, and I was so impressed with Kim’s anointed teaching.

Kim gave me permission to share with you about the update and here is what she had to say about Hadassah:

“She is so sweet and delightful. We are really enjoying her. Two weeks ago was a whirlwind of appointments.¬† Hadassah’s kidney ultrasound and echocardiogram were normal.¬† Her occupational therapy is going well.¬† The therapist said she is doing great and has adapted really well to her condition (her hand).¬† Her index and middle fingers are stiff due to the bend in her wrist, so we are working on that.¬† The therapist said she is using her index finger like a thumb already and she feels if they straighten her wrist she won’t be able to use it like she is now.”¬†

”¬†She has therapy on Tuesday at 1 p.m. for the next 6 months.¬† So we will see how it goes.¬† I want her to have the maximum functionality.¬† It looks like surgery may not help.¬† We are working with her at home, too.¬† We have her color, pull objects out of putty, stack blocks etc.¬† She likes it and really tries to do what we say.¬† She has the MRI of her spine next Fri. at 11 a.m.¬†¬† We see the ortho. again on March 29th.”

Pat and Kim dedicated her to Jesus¬†at church one recent Sunday.¬†Their pastor Cecil had read the Florida, local¬†newspaper article story that ran on Pat and Kim adopting Hadassah, and he asked Kim to give a brief, impromptu testimony.¬† Afterwards the people clapped and Hadassah clapped, too, and raised her hand.¬† Kim said, “She was giving glory to Jesus!¬†¬†It¬†was so cute.”¬† Many people came up to Kim afterward, talking to her about their adopting her.¬†

Kim says when Hadassah¬†is eating sometimes she points up and says “Jesus,”¬† and said: “It is amazing how even at her age, she can know about God and realize somewhat of a connection to Him.¬† God is awesome.¬† It is such a privilege to have her in our home and have the liberty to teach her about Jesus.”

Isn’t this just a beautiful story? My eyes fill with tears as I think about Hadassah pointing up and saying “Jesus.”¬† God set Pat, Kim, and Hadassah¬†apart from the beginning of time, to bring them together in His perfect timing, so she would¬† learn about Jesus and become His in this devout Christian home.¬†

Thank you all for praying for them,¬†and please continue to pray for Pat and Kim as they still have to pay off¬† the loan for her adoption, plus the medical bills they are incurring with her therapy. If¬† you feel led to donate to them, please send a check or money order to Pat or Kim Weber, 1484 Dunns Lake Drive, Jacksonville, FL, 32218. ¬†I am just so excited over how quickly she bonded with them – I knew she would!¬† And so happy to hear how well she is doing.¬† The family loves her so much. I can’t wait to meet her one day!

Pat, Kim, their children Caleb, Nathaniel, Megan, and Hadassah, for Hadassah’s dedication to Jesus at church



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