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Your teen and the Bible

Do you have teens in your home? Does your teen ever question or challenge faith in God or the Bible?

Our daughter Leah has always been extremely curious ever since she was a little toddler¬†exploring the kitchen cabinets and all the “cool” things outdoors. She is a very deep thinker, and as she has gotten older, she has been on a quest for real truth. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at four years old in the privacy of her bedroom on her own initiative, but as she has become a teen, she has often challenged and questioned God and the Bible.

At times this questioning and challenging has unnerved me (I think  every Christian parent has concerns sometimes of their child going on the wrong path), but my husband Ray says he is glad she is testing her faith because an untested faith in God is not real faith at all.

So what do you do when your kids ask these types of hard questions or challenge the scriptures?¬† It’s¬† very important to have frank, open discussions with them.¬† Welcome their questions, and be glad they are showing an interest in spiritual matters.¬†

¬†Today’s teens just want “real.” That is what they are seeking. Our homes should have an encouraging atmosphere of honesty and openness, where our kids can talk to us and God about anything. Then they will discover what it is they really believe, and why.¬† They will come to God on their own terms, and will have a real, authentic relationship with Him that is based on their faith and genuine¬†love for Him¬†– not one riding on their parents’ faith and devotion. That’s all God wants with them, too!

These open, honest talks, prayer, and study of the Bible will lead us and them into all truth. To learn more about your teen and the Bible, click here.



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