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Saying yes to a better life

Right now I have a crockpot of a chicken curry dish cooking, and it smells so good! It will be a delicious Sunday dinner dish over some jasmine rice. I can hardly wait!

Today I spent time catching up on washing dishes, loads of laundry, and other household chores, then rewarded myself by reclining on our green den sofa under a cozy quilt and reading a book that arrived in the mail,  Kate Powers’ book, Stop Existing, Start Living. It is excellent. It offers practical solutions to reducing stress, minimizing overwhelm, and achieving happiness. It’s about saying yes to a better life, which means sometimes saying “no” to other things.

What do you need to say “yes” to this year?

  • A daily quiet time with God
  • Consistent exercise and healthier eating
  • Dates (alone!) with your husband
  • More “fun” time with your child/children
  • Coaching group with me, that starts this Tuesday, January 10 at 11 am CST
  • Drinking more water and less soda, coffee or tea
  • Eating Mexican or Chinese with your girlfriends for lunch
  • Exhibiting more of the fruit of the Spirit in your life
  • A massage, pedicure, and/or manicure

What do you need to say “no” to this year?

  • Too much busyness
  • Stress
  • Eating/drinking too much
  • Anger/unforgiveness
  • Always in a hurry
  • Too much time spent on Facebook or Twitter
  • Avoiding Facebook or Twitter; not getting out there with your important message
  • Surfing the net for hours mindlessly, without getting any real work done
  • Neglecting your family because you’re working too hard on your business

You know. Write it down. Actively work on it each day. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Make the change today – no more excuses, no more blaming, no more rationalizing, no more holding back in fear, no more saying “it’s the money,” no more saying it’s his (or her) fault, no more hedging.

You can make the change you need right now.

Take the first step. Start here.



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