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The value of your story

This morning I was watching a video by Brendon Burchard of Experts Academy. He was sharing the 10 ways to become a highly paid expert. One of the things that he shared which was profound is that each of us has a story, and it is our story that is of such great value and of service to the world. Our story differentiates our business brand. Our story sets us apart from others.

There is no one else on earth who has your story. You are a unique and one of a kind masterpiece. Nobody else shares your experiences, your personality, your looks, your voice, your intelligence, your gifts and talents. God created you at this particular time in history for a specific purpose that He wants you to accomplish, which no one else can do.

Your story is part of HIS story – how God the potter wants to shape and form and use you, His vessel of clay in which He has deposited His treasure (2 Corinthians 4:7). Maybe you feel like all you’ve had is a horrible life. Your life has just been a big mess. That’s okay. God uses our mess.

God can turn around your life 180, and use it for His glory, like He did the apostle Paul, who had Christians imprisoned and persecuted before God met him on the road to Damascus. Paul then became one of God’s greatest evangelists, missionaries and author of 13 books of the New Testament. Paul, who said he had been “chief of sinners,” was forgiven of all he had done when he repented and believed in Christ, and was used in an incredible way by God.

No matter what your story has been, God will forgive you. He has a great ending in mind for your story! All the days of your life have already been written in God’s book before you were even born. (Psalm 139:16)

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