Shred what’s in my heart

This weekend I’m getting my new office ready, going through plastic tubs ~ putting loose pics in a new photo album, throwing stuff out, organizing books and supplies. Getting organized can mean the difference between a thriving biz and one struggling to stay afloat.

Many of the tubs have our kids’ homeschool portfolios in them. Leafing through them has resulted in what Rhett Butler called Scarlett O’Hara’s “crying jag.” (Gone With The Wind , Margaret Mitchell, 1936.)

I loved homeschooling our kids and really miss it sometimes. Here’s a sample from one of the portfolios of Leah’s art, as a child, of an angel and a child:

Leah's angel
Leah’s angel

Here is a picture of an elephant she drew:

Leah's elephant
Leah’s elephant

Here she was practicing her handwriting and identifying words through matching words and pictures:

Leah's handwriting
Leah’s handwriting

I reminisced looking at the homeschool portfolios, then put them away for another day. Then I began taming the paper tiger.

One of my fave office tools is the shredder. Mine is little but mighty, getting the job done.

my shredder
my shredder

So far I have an entire yellow trash bag full of shredded papers, and I’m not done yet. It feels so good to get this accomplished. I only wish Ray could catch on to this amazing idea.

Maybe you have a hard time getting rid of stuff. But it’s truly liberating.

Of course you should keep important documents (such as birth certificates, school records, tax returns, and other legal documents), but you don’t have to keep every single scrap of paper you’ve ever had in your whole life! Giving things away, selling items, throwing stuff out, and shredding papers will set you free!

Shredded paper
Shredded paper

As I’ve been shredding the papers, I’ve been asking God to shred whatever is in my heart that doesn’t please Him:

  • anger
  • unforgiveness
  • resentment
  • bitterness
  • jealousy
  • envy/comparison
  • pride
  • discouragement
  • negative, self-limiting thinking.

At this new house, I want a clean slate, a fresh, new start ~ beginning with my heart.

What do you need to “shred” in your heart? Share in the comments below.


We’re moving: make room for the new

We’re moving: make room for the new


Moving boxes
Moving boxes

A friend asked me this morning in an email if I  had “recovered yet” from the RELEASED! Women’s Conference. She’s heard it was great, but knew it was a lot of hard work, stress, and expense for me. Well, I am still recovering. The conference was SO good and we had very positive feedback from attendees, but yes, it was exhausting. I don’t get to rest yet. This week I start packing!

We’ve been looking for awhile for a new rental home and while we desperately want to get out of this rural, tiny town of Butler (I call it “the hicks” or “the boonies”), we weren’t able to find a place outside Butler – but I did find one here that I really like (an older home that is newly remodeled, Spanish arch doorways in the den and dining room, a big recreation room downstairs, my own office space -pics soon after we move)! I’m very excited about moving and can’t wait! Our move-in date is May 15.

This week I’ve been purging, blessing a local church that accepts our old junk donations – things like gently used clothes, an imcomplete set of green plates, our fake Christmas tree, books.

It’s not always easy to let go. Things like:

  • Envy/jealousy;
  • Anger;
  • Unforgiveness;
  • Pride;
  • Discouragement;
  • Worry/anxiety/stress;
  • Self-doubt;
  • Limiting beliefs.

It’s not always easy to let go of physical things, either. This is especially true for my husband Ray, who won’t throw away anything and if it wasn’t for me, he could qualify for the show Hoarders.

But letting go of things physically, emotionally, and spiritually sets you free. I have felt so good getting rid of more stuff and donating it!


God, help me get rid of anything unnecessary that I don’t need emotionally and spiritually,  which hinders my intimacy with You.

Today think about what you may need to let go of to embrace what God has ahead for you. You can’t store the new wine in old wineskins or they will burst. Make room for the new.

“And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.” – Mark 2:22, NIV