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Moving Day!

boxesTomorrow, or technically today, is moving day! YAY!!!

After getting literally NO sleep last night, I cleaned this house like a mad woman with our daughter Leah today and had to run errands tonight Рsigning the lease, having it notarized, then taking it to the landlord at the new house, and making a Walmart run after Leah and I went to our usual payday hangout, The Flaming Lantern.

What makes you happy?

While at Walmart, I bought a Hello Kitty piggy bank (and¬†Hello¬†Kitty stationery set)¬†that I’m using as a desk decoration for my new office. Hello Kitty is SO cute and my newest “phase.”

Previous phases have included teddy bears, Victorian furniture, butterflies, sunflowers, pottery, Tinker Bell and fairies, and a-never-ending-phase, black ultra-fine Sharpie pens.  My phases never cease to surprise or amuse Ray. Leah also looked like she was going to laugh in the checkout line tonight when I took the Hello Kitty piggy bank out of the cart and the cashier rang it up. She was probably rolling her eyes, too, and thinking with her teenage wisdom, When is mom going to grow up?

But Hello Kitty makes me happy. God wants us to be happy. What makes you happy?

Hello Kitty

I’m SOOO happy and excited about the move into this beautiful remodeled, older home and I can’t WAIT to show you the pics here at BethJones.net.

We had our utilities, including internet, transferred to the new residence tomorrow, and hopefully Ray will be able to get us back online soon after we get settled in, but I’m not sure when I’ll blog again…but I wanted to connect with you and let you know what’s going on!

Is your house in order?

woman surrounded with papers

I’m taking a little break from my business in the next couple of weeks to get our house in order.

I’m organizing family photos in big photo books and other scrapbook material, and doing a major house organization and¬†purge ~ organizing, throwing away,¬†and giving away a lot. It feels SO good to do this – I feel so much lighter!

We all have too much stuff – physically, emotionally, spiritually. God wants us to “pack light” for the journey, not be weighed down by things.

Make room for God each day

What is that you need to let go of today to make room for more of God each day in your life?

Until I get back online, please say a prayer for our move today! I’m super excited about our move – God is so good! Pics of our beautiful new rental place coming soon!



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