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This just a blog post

Lately I’ve had a lot of events that I’ve been sharing about here, which are fun, but sometimes people just want to read blogs, not get another Facebook event invitation or hear about another radio show or webinar. I decided to just WRITE a blog post. Normal, everyday, routine stuff that will hopefully make you smile and get to know me better.

First, a confession. I’ve been eating WAY too many Baby Ruth chocolate candy bars lately. This is doing NOTHING for my weight loss goal or to prepare me for the 5K that I’m walking on September 17 to raise funds for awareness of child trafficking….but they sure taste good.  I get the Baby Ruths at the dollar store in town because they’re a lot cheaper than the convenience store/gas station and I’m at least going to be frugal about it.

I crave chocolate at certain times of the month and relate to that expression, “There’s more to life than chocolate, but not right now.” (Anonymous) Life really is better sometimes with chocolate. Have some chocolate.

Second, my younger sister Maria, who lives in Georgia,  is in her last semester of college, majoring in psychology to get a B.A. degree to become a psychologist or a researcher (continuing with the master’s program after graduation). She has been working full time as a bookkeeper for a CPA, is a single mom of 3 kids, and attends college full-time…and has been consistently making dean’s list. I am SO proud of her.

With God’s help you really CAN do all things through Christ  and achieve your goals – Maria is living proof! I am praying for God to provide the money for me to fly to Georgia to be at her college graduation in December this year.  A round trip flight usually costs around $450, unless Orbitz has a deal (usually on a red-eye flight!). I can’t wait to visit her, my two nephews Nicholas and Brandon and my niece Katie!  I haven’t visited my family there in a couple of years now, so it’s time for a visit!

Third, Ray and I are looking at upgrading our cell phones. When he was in Haiti last year, his cell phone didn’t work most of the time while he was gone for 40 days, which was quite frustrating for me. I needed to know if he was in the middle of another earthquake aftershock and was still alive, if he was starving (their food supply was quite low at times), and very important things like how to get my printer paper unjammed.

So he needs a new phone and he suggested that I upgrade mine while he’s at it. My friends rave about the Iphone and that is what I really want. But we’d have to switch carriers from Sprint to ATT, get a new 2-year contract, and pay a lot more money to get Iphones. So Ray is looking instead at our carrier Sprint’s Evo, which has 4G (meaning the internet is faster on it than the 3G). He thinks the Evo is actually a better phone than the Iphone. Some of his friends at work have the Evo 4G and he loved it.

Do you have an Iphone or an Evo or another type of cell phone? Why do you like it? Which do you think is the best? Leave your comments below. Ray gets his Sprint upgrade free because his phone isn’t working right, and if I got an Evo upgrade, it wouldn’t cost that much. My family says that no matter what phone I upgrade to, I will still forget my phone at home when I run errands or else not answer it so what’s the use?

At any rate, I’m looking forward to a new phone, because although I love my red cell phone (my website’s header purposely shows a red phone; I had it designed that way since I have a red phone IRL), it’s not real user-friendly. The keys on the qwerty board are SO tiny and hard to type on and read. When I text someone, it looks like this: “Going to the srore noq; cakk me larer.” (Going to the store now; call me later.)

I tested the Evo phone at a Sprint store this weekend and it looks easier to use. I’m very excited about getting a new phone. It will be my birthday present this month. My friend Jane and I laugh because now instead of wanting flowers or jewelry for our birthdays and holidays, we want geeky tech gadgets instead. In fact, women prefer cell phones to designer shoes.

Fourth, last year Leah and I took some extra days off school so we went quite a bit into the summer with her homeschooling. That pushed back the beginning of this year back, too, since I gave her a month off in August and part of September for summer “vacation.”  We will start homeschooling again next week. I can’t believe it’s her senior year of high school! Where did the years go?  I plan to start blogging more consistently on my homeschool blog here, so if you’re a homeschooler, subscribe to the posts or check in each week (and subscribe to this one, if you’re not already – the little orange button at the top on the right side).

I’m praying to get away for a whole day before next week to just pray about the year and to do some intense planning. I want this last year to be our funnest, most memorable year yet with lots of field trips and hands-on activities.

Recently I asked my friend Sherri if she felt empty or lost since her youngest child just graduated from homeschool and she’s not homeschooling any more. She said no, she was loving it – she can now focus on her writing and speaking.

Another friend of mine does feel lost. Her kids grew up, went to college, and moved out. Much of her identity has been wrapped up in being a homeschooling mom. Recently when she called me, she asked, “Beth, what am I supposed to do with my life now?” My heart ached for her.

I think it’s important that we know our purpose and what God has created us to be and to do. When your season of homeschooling is over, God has other things in store for you – good things! (Jeremiah 29:11) God will never leave you or forsake you!  Pray and ask God what this new chapter of your life holds. I encourage you to take my fall coaching class/book study if you want to get unstuck and need more direction.

Finally, I’m planning to get mine and Leah’s haircuts this week. This year I’ve had some problems at the salon. My recent highlight was not what I’d hoped, so maybe trimming some of it will help (the top is brassy). I’m looking for ideas for a cute new cut. Got any?

That’s my blog post for today. 🙂  Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Leave your comments below or just say “hi.” I’d love to hear from you!



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  • Reply Tonyr September 8, 2011 at 3:36 am

    Hey Beth! Isn’t if great to some days just sit down and blog, no agenda, no event, just write at will. LOVE IT! 

    • Reply Beth Jones September 8, 2011 at 4:42 am

      Hey Tony, when I sit down and write stuff like this, I usually kind of second-guess myself and think I should just delete the post, lol. I was thinking that tonight, then got the email from Disqus showing me your comment. Thanks for this encouragement! Needed it – I’m so glad this day is OVER! 😉

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